Flipkart Quiz Answers: Win Gift Vouchers, Gems, & Coins

Flipkart Quiz Answers: In this post, I will cover Flipkart’s different contest answers such as the Daily trivia quiz, Kya bolti public, and Fake or Not contest.

When you play these contest on the Flipkart app then you will get:

  • Flipkart Gift vouchers.
  • Flipkart Super coins.
  • Gems for remaining winners
  • And much more.

Are you excited to know today’s Flipkart quiz answers?

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Do you know about the Oyo quiz and Amazon quiz contest?

If your answer is yes, then let me tell you that the Flipkart quiz concept is very similar to the Amazon and Oyo contest.

When you play the Flipkart contest then you will get various rewards such as Gift vouchers, Gems, super coins, and so on.

You will get these rewards when you give the correct answers in the quiz contest.

And most questions are not easy to answer, so I will sort out all the quiz contest correct answers down below.

When you use the below given correct answers in the Flipkart app then there are 100% chances that you will win the prize.

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So are you ready to know the Flipkart quiz answers?

Then check out the below-given correct answers and also make sure to check the steps to play the quiz.

Flipkart Quiz Answers

Flipkart Quiz Answers Today:

1. Daily Quiz Answers (23rd Nov)

Q1) In Hindu mythology, who is the son of God Indra?

Ans: Jayanta

Q2) Which vegetarian restaurant chain was founded by P. Rajagopala in 1981?

Ans: Saravana Bhavan

Q3) To which country does the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Terracotta Army’ belong?

Ans: China

Q4) Which popular dish uses basil seeds as its main ingredient?

Ans: Falooda

Q5) Apart from Germany, which country’s government is headed by a Chancellor?

Ans: Austria

2. Fake or Not Quiz Answers (23rd Nov)

Q1) Bihar’s population is more than England

Ans: Not fake

Q2) Virender Sehwag scored the Fastest century in test cricket

Ans: Fake

Q3) the heart can not get cancer

Ans: Fake

Q4) there’s a species of bird that can hold 10 liters of water in its bill

Ans: Not fake

Q5) Indian National science day is celebrated on the anniversary of the Pokhran nuclear blasts

Ans: Fake

3. Flipkart Beat the Genius Answers (23rd Nov)

Q1) What is the Indian movie to make it to the nomination for the Oscar as best foreign-language movie

Ans: Mother India

Q2) In which city is the headquarters of is located

Ans: Bengaluru

Q3) Which is the only country where India never won a test series

Ans: South Africa

Q4) Where would you go to see the Mahatma Gandhi Marine National park

Ans: Andaman and Nicobar

Q5) which 2000-year-old form of Sanskrit theatre is native to Kerala

Ans: Koodiyattam

4. Flipkart Ladies vs Gentleman Answers (23rd Nov)

Q1) What % of men believe that women cannot do men’s work?

Ans: 20%

Q2) What % of women update every moment of their life on social media?

Ans: 70%

Q3) What % of people have used a washroom meant for the opposite sex by mistake?

Ans: 50%

How to Use Flipkart Quiz Answers: 

1) Firstly download the Flipkart app from the Offer Page.

2) Now after downloading the app from the Google play store.

3) After that, open the Flipkart app, click on the create a new account or login with your old account.

4) Then Verify your mobile number on the Flipkart app if asked.

5) Then click on the top search bar and then type Game Zone.

6) Or simply click on the bottom right gamepad icon.

Flipkart Fake or Not

7) Now scroll down and then select any contest and then click on the play button.

8) Then make sure to check the prizes of each contest before participating in it.

9) Now read the above given correct answers and then win amazing prizes on the Flipkart app.

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