Fraazo Refer and Earn [2021]: Get Rs 150 Off on Groceries Fast

Fraazo App: Get Rs 150 Off on Groceries | Refer and Earn

Fraazo Refer and Earn: Here, I will discuss a new online grocery app named Fraazo.

Just install the Fraazo app and get all the below profits:

  • Rs 150 on inviting friends.
  • Discounts on grocery products.
  • Redeem referral bonus on shopping.
  • And more profits.

In fact:

I have received a referral bonus and used it on online shopping.

frazzo referral discount

Do you want to earn a discount on groceries using this Fraazo app?

Let’s start to earn discount!

Fraazo is a new online shopping app that provides various grocery products to its users.

The user can purchase a grocery product like Apple, Onion, Beetroot, Mango, Pear Green, Carrot, Cabbage, Bottle gourd, and many more.

If the user purchases any of the given plans, they will get various benefits:

  • One month: If the user purchases this plan for Rs 49, they will get free delivery and they can save more than Rs 120 in a month.

frazzo plans

  • Three months: If the user purchases Rs 129 plan, they will get free delivery on groceries and they can also save more than Rs 400.

Have you ever heard about the pulao combo product? If not. Then I want to tell you that the Pulao combo product is available on Fraazo at low price and it contains some pea, cabbage, and Gawar pods.

So if the user cannot purchase much more vegetable products, they can buy combo packs.

Also check:

Are you sure that you use this Fraazo app on your mobile phone?

Then read and follow the below terms.

frazzo refer and earn

Fraazo Refer and Earn Terms:

1. Get Rs 150 Off on Groceries | Refer and Earn

1) The user will earn Rs 150 as a referral bonus if a friend uses their referral code on the Fraazo app.

2) If the members purchase a subscription plan, they will get free delivery on more than Rs 200.

3) Referral bonus is non-redeemable, while it can be uses on online groceries purchase.

4) The user will earn more rewards after sharing their referral code to 20 friends.

How to Get Rs 150 Off on Groceries:

1) Firstly, tap on the given link and download the Fraazo app from the Google play store.

2) After that, make a new profile by entering your mobile number and verification code.

3) After successful verification, enter your title, first name, last name, and email address.

4) Fourthly, use this Fraazo referral code: FRZ-E0C33

frazzo code

5) Now, add your location manually or enable the GPS location.

6) Then, submit all the details to the Fraazo app for verification.

7) After that, you will jump to the Fraazo app dashboard.

8) Next, visit the entire page by scrolling down and add some products to the app cart.

9) Now, open the cart and use referral bonus (if you have), and add your delivery address

10) Lastly, complete your payment through different methods and get your products.

How to Share the Fraazo Refer and Earn:

1) Open the app referral code > by clicking on the Fraazo app icon.

2) Next, open the referrals section from the below-given options.

3) After that, copy your Fraazo refer and earn code or use the WhatsApp icon to share the referral link.

4) Now, you will receive a referral bonus of Rs 150 after a successful referral.

Fraazo Refer and Earn Overview:

Refer and Earn AppFraazo
Fraazo Referral codeFRZ-E0C33
App LinkFraazo
Sign up BonusGroceries Products
Referral BonusRs 150


To get fresh online products, use the Fraazo app and buy all the fresh products.

How much referral bonus did you earn under the Fraazo refer program?

Tell me anything about the Fraazo services in the below box and check these free recharge offers.

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Fruits and Vegetables - 50% Discount | Guaranteed | Fraazo | No Minimum Order
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