Free Dog Food Samples India: Free Item of Purina Brand

Free Dog food Samples India: Here, I will introduce a new dog food sample product.

When you fill a registration form then you will get the below gains:

  • Free products for dogs.
  • Discount on food products.
  • No delivery charges on food ordering.
  • And more gains.

In fact:

I have been using products for my pet (dogs and cats) for a long time.

Do you want to claim free dog food products from the below-given platforms?

Let’s get started to get the food samples!

In India various pet food platform are available that that provides many food samples for free.

The free sample consist of various ingredients are real chicken, chicken liver, fish oil, egg, rice, rosemary extract, and more available food products.

What is your pet dog’s name? and what breed is it?

Have you ever purchased food products for pets in any online store? If not, then use the below-given platforms page and get free food products for your dogs.

How to get a free dog food sample in India?

Scroll this page, open the several online platforms from the available links and request for free sample food by filling up all mandatory details.

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Are you agitated to get a free dog food samples in India? Then follow all the below-given instructions carefully.

free dog food samples india

Free Dog Food Samples India:

1. Get Free Pedigree Biscrock Biscuits 

1) To order free Biscrock Biscuit sample go to the Pedigree Official website.

2) Then scroll down the page on your smartphone or desktop browser.

3) After that enter all the details like Name, Email ID, City, Pin code, Mobile number, breed, etc.

4) Then click on “Get Now” option to order the free sample.

5) Also, the Free Dog Food samples will be delivered at your doorstep by delivery agent.

How to Get Free Dog Food Samples India:

1) Firstly, open the Free Dog Food Samples Indian web page from the above-given link on your web browser.

2) Secondly, tap on the sample option, which gives the web dashboard.

3) Now, move down and fill in all the correct details in the form with the right information.

4) After that, enter your pet category, first name, last name, phone number, email, address, state, city, and many more.

5) Now click on the submit button, which is given below the form page.

6) Next, a message will appear on the home screen of a successful free food sample product.

7) After that, your free dog food product will deliver to your doorstep within 7 working day.

8) Next, you can purchase more variety of food products for dogs and cats from the same platforms.

More Free Dog Food Samples In India:

1. Get Free Dry Food for Dog 

1) Visit the Food sample website from the given link of IAMS India.

2) Alternate, visit directly from the webpage and open free sample section.

3) Then, it asks you to fill the details as per your pet dog breed and age.

4) After successful requesting, you will get this brand food for your dog only on under this Free Dog Food samples.

2. Get Free Products From Purina

1) The users have to open the Purina website to request for free dog food sample.

2) Users must read the feeding guidelines before serving food to their pet.

3) This offer is valid for few days and not accessible for the similar account details.

4) On the Purina homepage, search for the “Ask For Sample” and you will find the sample form.

5) Product value is Rs 0 and also you don’t have to pay delivery charges.

3. Get Free Products From Drools

1) If the candidate fills a sample form inside the Drools platform, they will get a free food sample products.

2) The users does not have to pay shipping and GST charges upon requesting a free sample product.

free sample

3) If the user fills up wrong information to order a food product in the form of a sample, they will not be eligible to take the free sample.

4. Get Free Sample of Fidele Brand

1) User needs to visit the Fidele web page from the given links for requesting a Food sample.

2) Then, it asks you to fill the sample form, so fill all the basic details as per your pet dog.

3) After successful payment of Rs 0, you will get this Fidele brand food for your dog.

4) Also, this Free Dog Food samples requesting is applicable once per user per account.

5. Get Free Sample From Pedigree

1) The users have to visit the Pedigree web page from the given link. Otherwise, they can not get the food sample.

pedigree sample

2) If a user enters the wrong credentials, they will not get a free food product.

3) There are no charges on ordering a food product.


For more free sample, visit the Earningkart webpage.

Have you got your Free Dog Food Samples India?

Now use the message/comment box and tell me how this product is and check out these free recharge offers.

Free Dog Food Sample India FAQs:

Does Free sample platforms takes any charges?

No, the user will get free product in the form of sample, they does not take any charges.

Can I get free Sample from Pedigree?

Yes, you can get free sample from any available platforms.

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In this free sample media, you will learn how to order free dog food samples.

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