Free Samples in India: Get a Free Sample of Almond Shampoo

Free Samples India: In this offer post, I am going to tell you about Free samples,

After reading this post, you will get the below-given benefits:

  • Free samples in India.
  • Samples from different websites.
  • Free samples with refundable delivery charges.
  • And lots more.

So let me tell you about free samples.

Are you excited to know?

Do you want a Free sample?

If your answer is yes then you are landed on the right page.

In this Free samples, India offer post, I will tell you about how you can order place free samples in India.

Many of the Indian brands or company offers free samples as part of their product promotion.

In India, Rewardme is the top free samples provider.

Lybrate is the second free samples provider in India. Most of the free sample is provided by both of these companies.

But, a few Indian companies also provide a sample of their own products to customers.

By doing this, they are providing a free sample to their customer for testing purpose,

Also check:

And, If the customer likes their products they order the genuine product from their company website or from various e-commerce websites like Amazon, Flipkart, and a few more.

Free Samples India

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Free Samples India Offers Details:

Apart from the above-mentioned websites,

Lybrate and reward me there are a few more other sites like Nurserylive who provide a free sample of plants where their users refer their friends to the Nursery live website.

So do you want to know how you can order a free sample in India?

Alright, I have mentioned all the samples below with all the necessary steps, just follow the steps and you will be able to order the free sample in India.

Furthermore, carryon your reading,

Get a Free Sample of Almond Shampoo:

1) First of all Goto Mybeautynaturally website from Offer Page

2) Now enter your email address and proceed.

3) Then order the sample at your delivery address.

4) Your product will deliver to your address within a few days.

How to Avail Free Sample India Offers:

1) First of all Goto Offer link or Dial the number mentioned with each offer given above.

2) Now Click on register now or (fill a form/call on a number if asked).

3) Give the correct answers to any Question (if asked).

4) Answer all of them.

5) Now Enter your personal details, address, and some other things.

7) Now Click on submit, within a few days you will receive a free sample.

Old Free Sample In India Offers:

1. Get a Free Sample of Real Fruit Juice:

1) Firstly Goto Dabur official website from Offer Page

2) Now scroll down on the page and then click on try now.

3) After clicking on the trial now option, a pop up will appear.

4) Then enter your name, email id, mobile number, and message.

5) Now click on the signup option, you will get your sample if you are lucky.

Body Free Samples In India:

2. Get Free Super Smelly Pocket Perfume:

1) First of all Goto Super Smelly from Offer Page

2) Now add any Pocket perfume in your cart.

3) Register a new account and add your delivery address.

4) Then apply coupon: TRYSUPERSMELLY

5) Now complete your order and pay only shipping charges of Rs 50.

3. Get a Free Sample of Zandu Supplement:

1) First of all Goto Momjunction from Offer Page

2) Now fill the form with your name, email, mobile number, Facebook link, etc.

3) Now click on submit proceed.

4) Then complete your order on the Offer page.

5) You will get your free sample within a few days.

4. Get Free Sample from Eurekalabs:

1) First of all Goto Eurekalabs Offer Page

2) Now select any product and click on buy now, then create an account on Eurekalabs

3) Then verify your mobile number with OTP.

4) Now enter your delivery address, you will your free sample within a few days.

5) Try the sample from Eurekalabs at your own risk.

Books Free Samples In India:

5. Get Shrimad Bhagavad Gita For free:

1) First of all Goto Yatharthgeeta website from Offer Page

2) Due to coronavirus, the Delivery is stopped, but you can download the E-book and Audiobook for free.

3) The delivery will be resumed soon.

4) Enter your Name, email address, and other Home address.

5) The book will be delivered to you within a few days.

Colgate Free Samples In India:

6. Get a Free Sample of Colgate Vedshakti Toothpaste:

1) First of all dial 7095400000 from your mobile number and then you will receive a callback.

2) Then give some answers and then the Colgate representative will call you

3) Now tell your Permanent address & Shipping details to them.

4) Daily one thousand users are eligible for this offer.

5) Valid in selected cities such as Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, West Bengal, Odisha, Karnataka, and Kerala.

7. Get Free Sample Of Kids Colgate:

1) This tryy from Offer Page.

2) This free sample is available for all locations in India.

3) TRYY reserves the right to change or modify this offer.

4) Free samples will be delivered within a few hours.

5) To order a free sample, fill-up the form with your details.

Dabur Free Samples In India:

8. Get Dabur Immunity Kit For Free:

1) First of all Goto Dabur Offer Page

2) Scroll down and enter your details.

3) You need to fill all your details like name, email ID, mobile number, and more.

4) Make sure to check the I accept the terms and conditions box.

9. Get a Free Sample of Dabur Toothpaste:

1) To order the free samples, Goto Dabur website from Offer Page

2) Then on the top section click on “Try now“.

3) Now enter your name, email id, mobile number, and message.

4) Then you will receive a Dabur dant rakshak free sample at your doorstep.

5) Only lucky winners will receive the toothpaste from Dabur.

10. Get a Free Sample of Dabur Almond Shampoo:

1) Firstly Goto Mybeautynaturally website from Offer Page

2) The offer is valid for a limited time period.

3) Free samples will deliver to your home within a few days.

11. Get Free Consultation from Dabur Doctor:

1) Goto Dabur Dabur website from Offer Page

2) Now fill the form by entering the name, Mobile number, email & Details.

3) Then click on submit.

4) Within a few hours, the Dabur doctor will contact you.

5) You can ask them about your query for free.

12. Get a Free sample of Sanifresh Germ Guard:

1) Goto This Dabur from Offer Page

2) The participant eligible for the free offer (hereinafter referred to as the “Participant”) can be a female, between 25 – 44 years of age, SEC – A and B, and Indian residents only living in India.

3) The participant should have a firm contractual capacity.

4) The offer would be live on our website from 21st November 2015.

5) Participation is optional and constitutes acceptance of these Terms and Conditions.

6) No entry fee or purchase is required for participation.

7) Participants are entitled to one free sample per entry i.e. per mobile number, per email id and per address will get only 1 sample. No single user will get 2 samples.

8) Only the first 1,000 correct entries will be eligible for free samples of SaniFresh Germ Guard product, and the winners will receive them through courier.

9) The organizer holds the right to extend the samples beyond 1000.

13. Get a Free Sample of Odonil Room Freshener:

1) Firstly Goto Dabur Odonil free sample Offer Page

2) Enter your details like name, email Id, mobile number, etc.

3) Click on the Signup button after filling the form.

4) Only lucky winners stand a chance to win free samples.

5) Winners will be selected on random basics.

Coffee Free Samples In India:

14. Get a Free Sample of Elevate Coffee:

1) First of all Goto Elevate Coffee Offer Page

2) Now enter your First name, Last name, email address, and country code.

3) Then enter your postal code, state, and city.

4) Now click on try a Free sample today.

5) Now your free sample will be delivered to you within a few days.

Healthcare Free Samples In India:

15. Get Free Contact Lenses:

1) First Of all Goto Offer Page

2) Now enter your email and mobile number, verify your mobile number

3) Now fill in other details like the address and your eye power.

4) Then select the delivery address and click on proceed.

5) You will be informed about the contact lenses soon.

16. Book Free Expert Hair wash Today:

1) Firstly visit Offer Page From Here

2) Now enter your location.

3) And fix your appointment in your city.

4) Then book your appointment.

5) Before booking ask them for free service as mentioned on the website.

Other Free Samples In India:

17. Get a Free Sample of Paper Foil (Gurgaon Only):

1) Goto Milkbasket from Offer Page

2) Now search Uniwraps in the search bar.

3) Then click on last “Oddy Uniwraps A4 Size Paper Foil (Free Sample)”

3) Now create or register a new account on Milbasket

4) Then complete your order of free sample.

5) Check the Offer image given above for the free sample image.

6) The offer is valid only for Gurgaon.

18. Get Free Sample of  Adhesive Remover:

1) Goto Takewipeoff website from Offer Page

2) Now simply fill-up the form given on the right.

3) You have to fill your details like name, address, city, state, etc.

4) After that click on submit my sample packet request.

Diaper Free Samples In India:

19. Get a Free Sample of Huggies:

1) Order a free sample from Huggies from Offer Page

2) Your requested sample will reach in 4 to 6 weeks.

3) The samples are only available in Newborn and Small sizes.

20. Get Free Sample of Merries Diaper Pants:

1) First of all Goto the Merries Diaper from Offer Page

2) Now register a new account on Merries Diaper.

3) You can also log in with Google and Facebook accounts.

4) Then add your details and then complete your order.

5) You will get your free sample within a few days.

Dogs Free Samples In India:

21. Get Free Drools Dog Food:

1) First of all Goto Drools from Offer Page

2) Now fill-up the form with your details and proceed.

3) Then proceed and click on submit

4) Your sample will be delivered soon at your given address.

22. Get Free Pedigree Gravy Sample:

1) First of all Goto Offer Page

2) Now enter your name, email-id and select city

3) Enter your mobile number, select breed age, enter an address.

4) After that, tick the checkbox and proceed.

5) Then click on Get Now, Free sample will be shipped within a few working days.

Supplements Free Samples In India:

23. Get a Free Sample of Endura Mass:

1) First of all Goto Endurasupplements from Offer Page

2) Now enter your details like name, email address, contact number, age, pin code, etc.

3) Then click on the request sample.

4) You will get your sample within a few days at your doorstep.

24. Get Free Revital H Supplement:

1) First of all Goto Hometesterclub from Offer Page

2) Now select any free sample product.

3) Now proceed and register for the free product.

4) Fill up all the details and you will receive the sample within 2-4 weeks.

25. Get Free Sample of Prevent Hangover:

1) First of all Goto Offer Page

2) Now fill-up the form which is given on the right hand.

3) Then click on send me the sample.

4) Prevent the Hangover sachet sample will be delivered within 15 days at your given address.

26. Get Hemp Seed Powder For Free:

1) First of all Goto Bohecolife from Offer Page

2) Now click on Buy it now and proceed.

3) Then add your delivery address and apply the below code.

4) Apply code: FREEHEMP100

5) Then proceed and complete your order.

6) Complete your order.

7) Cashback will be delivered soon at your address.

Kent Free Samples In India:

27. Get Free Demo of Kent Water Purifier:

1) First of all, go to kent water purifier Offer Page

2) Now enter your mobile number, name, email, city, and pin code.

3) Then click on I have read terms & conditions.

4) Now click on next.

5) Now they will call you for a free demo.

Antivirus Free Samples In India:

28. Get Free Bitdefender Antivirus:

1) First Goto Bitdefender from Offer Page

2) Now fill up the captcha and enter your email address.

3) Then you will receive an email

4) Open the email and click on Install Bitdefender.

5) Done, you don’t need to activate this antivirus.

29. Get Free Mcafee Internet Security:

1) First of all Goto Offer Page

2) Now complete the form by entering your email.

3) Then click on continue.

4) You will get Mcafee internet security for free.

I hope you like all the free samples listed in this free samples India offer post if you have got any free sample then let me know in the comment section below.

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Free Samples India FAQ:

How to Get Free Sample Products in India?

You can easily get free sample products in India by simply visiting each brand free sample page mentioned in this article.

How to Get free samples of cosmetics in India?

I have included some cosmetics sample product page in this article, so visit that page to order your free sample right now.

How to Get Free sample products?

An only a limited number of brands is offering a free sample of their products, you will find that free sample page in this article.

Where to Get free Sample packs?

You will get free sample packs on the company website, order free sample from there and it will be delivered at your provided address within 7 days.

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