Freecharge Freefund Code: Get Rs 30 Cashback on Rs 30 Recharge

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Freecharge FreeFund Code: In this offer post, I am going to tell you about some FreeFund codes of Freecharge,

After using the free fund code, you will get the below benefits:

Do you want to know about the code?

Then let’s dive right in!

Are you are Freecharge user? If you are a Freecharge user,

Here are some FreeFund promo codes that will help you save when you recharge on Freecharge.

And this article will tell you about those Promo codes that will help you grab some cashback on Freecharge.

Are you excited to know? I hope you are. Now Paytm is not providing some reasonable offers for their users like earlier.

Which can not be used entirely while making a recharge or bill payment isn’t?

Moreover, PhonePe is also not providing more than Rs 5 cashback in their scratch cards.

So only Freecharge is the best app to earn some cashback from online sites. These given codes are valid till 15th June 2021.


freecharge freefund code

What is the Freecharge FreeFund Code?

Some users asked me the same question in the comment section, How can they receive specific freefund codes from Freecharge?

So the answer to this simple question is, update your primary email id in the Freecharge app,

And always check every email from Freecharge because there is no specific day when Freecharge sends these types of codes to their user’s email id.

Freecharge is sending some freefund code on their user’s email-id and mobile number.

I have listed all the promo codes or coupon codes that Freecharge is sending in their emails.

So if you didn’t receive any email from Freecharge, then don’t worry. I have listed all the codes below so you can easily use them in your account.

Earlier today, Freecharge also added Rs 10 & Rs 20 to their customer wallets.

Mainly, Freecharge credits the free amount in the customer’s wallet on various occasions like Diwali, Holi, Christmas, New year, and other events celebrated in India.

I got a cashback of Rs 10 and Rs 20 in my Freecharge account many times without doing anything on Freecharge.

Apart from this, Freecharge also offers a freefund code by collaborating with other brands like Axis bank rewards and cult-fit.

However, The Freecharge freefund codes are account-specific codes.

Also check:

As I said above, these codes will work only for users who received an email from Freecharge.

Also, Freecharge changes these codes from time to time, and the old codes get automatically expired.

Freecharge FreeFund Codes:

1. Get 100% Cashback on Recharge

1) Get Rs 10 cashback on recharge of Rs 10: CODE10

2) Also, Get Rs 15 cashback on recharge of Rs 15: CODE15

3) Get Rs 20 cashback on recharge of Rs 20: CODE20

4) Get Rs 25 cashback on recharge of Rs 25: CODE25

5) Get Rs 30 cashback on recharge of Rs 30: CODE30

6) Get Rs 40 cashback on recharge of Rs 40: CODE40

7) Get Rs 50 cashback on recharge of Rs 50: CODE50

8) Get Rs 75 cashback on recharge of Rs 75: CODE75

Additionally, do note that the Above-given offer codes are valid for a limited time.

How to Use Freecharge codes:

1) Firstly, go to the Freecharge or download the Freecharge app from the Offer Page.

2) After that, you can also download the Freecharge app from Google Play Store.

3) Now login or register a new account on Freecharge; use Freecharge refer code if required.

4) Now click on the prepaid recharge option from the Freecharge app dashboard.

5) Then enter your mobile number, operator, and then enter Rs 10 in the amount section.

6) After that, click on I have a promo code to enter a Freecharge FreeFund code in the coupon code section.

7) After that, enter any of the above-given coupon codes.

8) Then, complete the transaction with any payment method available on the Freecharge app.

9) That’s it. You have successfully used this offer from Freecharge.

10) Now, you will get the cashback of the same amount as mentioned above.


Does the above Give Freecharge freefund code worked for you? Tell us in the comment section!

Did you face any trouble using this offer, don’t hesitate to comment in the comment section below.

Also, don’t forget to share with us on social media platforms and check some free recharge tricks and free recharge apps.

Freecharge FreeFund Code FAQ:

What is Freefund code in FreeCharge?

Freefund code in FreeCharge is a coupon code through which you will get recharge for free.

How can I get referral code in FreeCharge?

When you use Freecharge referral code on Freecharge then you will get Rs 30 cashback on recharge of Rs 30

What is Freecharge Referral code?

Freecharge referral code is a 6 digit code - R5VKEKC

How can I earn FreeCharge?

You can earn money in Freecharge using Freecharge referral code, you have to share your referral code to earn money on Freecharge.

How to add free money in freecharge wallet?

To add money in freecharge wallet you need freecharge freefund code, if you have freecharge freefund code then you can add it your Freechareg wallet.

How to get free money in freecharge?

Use the codes given in this post to get recharge for free

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