Glim Network App: Get 10 Glim Coins on New Signup | Referral Code

Glim Network Referral Code: I will describe the crypto blockchain platform named Glim Network.

Install its app and receive several rewards:

  • 10 Glim tokens on a new account.
  • Commission on every referral.
  • Mine the Glim tokens every day.
  • And more rewards.

I got some glim tokens and more investments when I joined and used Glim Network.

Glim reward

Do you want to start crypto trade with this platform? If you are going to trade with it, then move ahead.

Now know more about this trading company!

Glim Network is an online crypto trading company where you can trade on several cryptocurrencies like BTC, LTC, Ripple, and more currencies.

This blockchain industry helps you to get double the investments, and only its traders can invest in cryptocurrencies.

Also, it has launched its cryptocurrency named GLIMS, and this token is usable only on this platform.

Moreover, this token will generate in the user’s account when they invite their referrals or trade on any cryptocurrencies.

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Read all these given steps to use the Glim Network.

 Glim Network Referral Code

Glim Network Referral Code Terms:

1. Get 10 Glim Coins on New Signup | Refer and Earn

1) New users will receive a reward of 10 Glim coins from the Glim Network platform after opening an account.

2) When the referee joins using the referral link, they will get some Glim tokens to the app wallet.

3) The referrers can earn a commission on friends’ crypto trading.

4) Also, the earned Glim coins will be added to the user’s account users can mine this currency on Glim Network.

5) Referrers can generate the commission from every level of referrers and no limit on inviting friends.

Glim Network Referral Code Overview:

Refer and Earn AppGlim Network
Glim Network Referral codePHEX6QC
App LinkGlim Network
Sign up Bonus10 Glim Coins
Referral BonusCommission

How to Get a Signup Bonus:

1) Firstly, tap on the Glim Network website link from the given link or download its Android app.

2) After downloading the Glim Network app, tap on the register tab to create your account profile ID.

3) Enter the user’s name, email address, make a strong password, and below referral code.

4) Apply this Glim Network referral code: PHEX6QC

5) When you apply this code and submit these details, you will log into the Glim Network page.

6) Next, go to the rewards section by tapping on it and claim your welcome bonus of 10 Glim coins.

7) Once you press the claim button, then it will be added to your app wallet, and you can use it for mining.

8) Complete your KYC verification with the valid issued documents identity and return to the trading page.

9) Now, choose any currency and start trading with this platform.

How to Share the Glim Network Referral Code:

1) Tap on your smartphone’s Glim Network app icon, and you will land there.

2) After going inside the app, hit the refer tab below, and the referral page will open.

Glim Network Refer

3) So scroll the page or move to the end page, and you will see a referral link along with the code.

4) Lastly, this code will help you to earn the Glim coins rewards.


Activate the Glim Network account for online crypto trading.

How many Glim coins did you earn on the Glim Network platform?

Comment your entire Glim coins and checkout for the free recharge offers.

Glim Network Referral Code FAQs:

How can I Trade with Glim Network?

You can trade with the Glim Network once your complete account and make a KYC verification.

Can I refer to the Glim Network?

Yes, anyone can refer to the Glim Network by generating your referral link.

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