Google Pay Holi Offer: Get Up to Rs 1001 on Scratch Card

Google Pay Holi Offer: In this offer post, I will speak about a new Holi offer from Google pay for business app.

After using this Google pay platform, you will get the following benefits:

  • Up to Rs 1001 on scratching the card.
  • Rs 21 on collecting Holi stamps.
  • Cashback and vouchers.
  • And many more.


I have already collected one stamp which is Diya, from this Google pay platform.

Do you want to earn more gift stamps from this Google pay app?

holi stamps

Let’s move to start collecting stamps!

Google pay is a digital payment platform by Google LLC (Limited liability company).

What rewards will the user get from the Google Pay platform?

  • Daily shagun: In this reward, if the user collects one stamp in a day, they will win up to Rs 21.
  • Gift of three: If the user collects three stamps of the same type, they will win up to Rs 101.
  • All five: In this reward, you have to collect all five stamps continuously. They will get up to Rs 251.
  • Happy Holi: If a user collects 12 stamps of the same type in pair of 5, they will win up to Rs 1001.

grab this offer without delaying more.

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Are you waiting for this Holi offer? If yes.

Then follow the below steps.  google pay holi offer

Google Pay Holi Offer Terms:

1. Get Up to Rs 1001 on Scratch Card 

1) The user will earn up to Rs 1001 if they create their online shop on the Google pay for business app.

2) This offer is not available on the Google Pay app. Instead, it is available on Google Pay for Business platform.

3) The user will get one ticket every day for accepting every transaction of 20 rupees or more.

4) This offer is valid till 7 April 2021 according to IST (Indian standard time).

5) The user will get a scratch card if they receive a transaction through the Google Pay app.

How to Use Google Pay Holi Offer:

1) Firstly, install the Google Pay for business app from the Google play store.

2) Secondly, open the app and login with your existing Gmail account or create a new Gmail ID.

3) After tapping on the submit button, you have to allow the device location.

4) Next, tap on the create a new business button to set up your business online.

5) Now, add registered business name, shop name, type of business, shop name, business owner name, and all the mandatory details.

6) Next, verify your shop by turning on GPS location and then enter your mobile number to get a verification code.

7) After that, enter your PAN card number, upload your PAN card photo and bank account details.

8) Now, check all your details related to your shop, and account details > and now it will take two days for your shop verification.

9) Now you are on the app homepage > scroll down to check Google Pay Holi offer > now click to open it.

10) Next, collect all the stamps and get a scratch card worth up to Rs 21.

11) After scratching the card, your money directly transfer to the app wallet.


Collect more stamps and win up to Rs 1001.

How many scratch cards did you collect in your Google pay app.

Lastly, use the comment box and tell your scratch card amount and open these free recharge offers to get extra benefits.

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