Gritti App: Get Gritti Token on Referrals | Invite Code

Gritti Invite Code: I will speak with you about a new free earning app name Gritti.

Install this free Gritti Android app and receive all the benefits, including:

  • GRI tokens on signup.
  • Tokens on inviting friends.
  • Redeem tokens into a product.
  • And more advantages.


I earned the rewards from the Gritti platform in GRI tokens and redeemed them successfully.

Griti rewards

Do you want fun with this Gritti and the earning journey? If yes, then move ahead.

Then dive deeper into this refer program!

Gritti is a new earning app that gives customers free currency for doing tasks like running, activating their wallet, buying their first NFTs, and more.

It provides rewards in the form of tokens and has launched a token named GRI, which the users can earn by referring friends.

Gritti will be launched more features on its platform, like weather and others.

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Are you excited about following the invitation program? Then read each & every refers code term.

  Gritti Invite Codes

Gritti Invite Code Terms:

1. Get Gritti Token on Referrals | Invitation Code

1) The new users will receive a GRI token from the Gritti platform after making a new successful account.

2) On doing a task on the Gritti, the users will earn more GRI tokens, and rewards will go to the activated wallet.

3) Referrer will receive a new 50 GRI tokens when the referee joins with the given link or enters an invitation code.

4) Also, the earned token reward will be 100% redeemable or usable to purchase several online products.

Gritti Invite Code Overview:

Refer and Earn AppGritti
Gritti Invite CodeBNQG6VXN
App LinkGritti
Sign up BonusGRI Tokens
Referral BonusGRI Tokens

How to Avail the Joining Bonus:

1) Firstly, click the Google play store on your device and search for the Gritti app to download it.

2) Then, open the installed app on your phone and start doing online registration with the valid credentials.

3) Enter the email address, received verification code, a genuine invitation code.

4) Apply this Gritti Invite code: BNQG6VXN

Gritti code

5) After using the above invitation code and submitting the button, you will move to the next homepage.

6) Now, go to the rewards tab and check your welcome bonus, it is still zero, and you need to perform some tasks.

7) So tap on the Run button to add confirm your tasks for completing and then connect or activate the wallet.

8) Then, send the code to your email address to verify your wallet > your wallet will be activated and used it.

9) When you collect the GRI tokens, purchase some digital product or convert them into BNB coins.

How to Share the Gritti Invite Code:

1) Tap to open Gritti app on your device, then choose the profile icon from the header page.

2) Next, you will see an invitation code from the menu bar and activate your wallet if you have yet to activate it.

Gritti Invitation Code

3) Now that the wallet is opened, the code will be visible on your screen, then copy this Gritti Invite code or link.

4) Share this link with every friend or family member to earn the GRI token reward.


Earn free GRI tokens from the Gritti platform and convert them into BNB coins.

How many GRI tokens did you generate and redeem?

Comment to us about your earnings and check the free recharge offers.

Gritti Invite Code FAQs:

Is Gritti Trading app?

Gritti is not a completely trading app, but some features look like a trading such as crypto wallet, currencies, and more.

Can I Trade with the Gritti?

No you cannot trade with the Gritti but you can use the earned coins on another trading platform.

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