HDFC Credit Card Offers: Get 20% Discount + NMCash

HDFC Credit Card Offers: I am going to introduce the credit card offers of HDFC bank.

Upon using the HDFC credit card on Netmeds, you will get various benefits:

  • 20% discount on shopping.
  • 20% Netmeds cash on orders.
  • Save on online orders.
  • And more benefits.

To be sure:

I have the real Netmeds cash on ordering medicine from the Netmeds platform.

Do you have an account on Netmeds? The answer is no, and I think you have not tried this platform.

So there will be no issues, and you can get the offer benefits right now!

Netmeds is an online pharmacy launched by Pradeep Dadha and Bruce Schwank. It came to India in 2015 and continues running the items.

Usually, you can buy items from these categories: Diabetes, Eyewear, Ayush, Ayurvedic, Fitness, Moms & Baby, Surgical, Sexual Wellness, and more.

On the other hand, users can check the limited deals such as Oximeter, Accusure Gluco Meter, and many more advanced apps.

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Read every offer term for better use and also check the offer steps. Continue reading the below steps.

HDFC Credit Card Offer

HDFC Credit Card Offers Terms:

1. Get a 20% Discount + NMCash on Orders

1) New customers will get a massive 20% discount and an additional 20% Netmeds cash reward on ordering medicines.

2) Netmeds cash is applicable on this platform, and the minimum order value required is Rs 500.

3) Maximum discount value is Rs 5000, and NMS cash maximum value is Rs 3000 until it expires.

4) Users can take an offer advantage only on the Netmeds platform, and there will be no coupon code is required.

5) Choose the mode of payment, HDFC credit or debit card, and this offer will end on 31st December 2022.

6) Also, this HDFC credit card offers is applicable once per customer before the offer ends.

How to Avail HDFC Credit Card Offers:

1) First, visit the Netmeds website from the given link or visit the play store link from here.

2) After going to the Android app link, install it on your device and start shopping.

3) Now, click on the sign-in/sign-up feature, and then you will land on the homepage.

4) Enter the phone number and verification code to log in or visit the page directly without login in.

5) When you go to the homepage, click to enable your GPS location or manually enter the pin code.

6) If you contact with the Netmeds team, then it will give you access to use the Netmeds platform.

7) Then, find the medicine from the search bar or explore the above-mentioned categories.

8) Also, you can upload the prescription details by the uploading feature and use it to get the exact medicine or other items.

9) Before going to the payment page, you must have an HDFC bank credit or debit card > and then activate any of them.

10) Back to the medicine page and start making a payment with the HDFC bank card.

11) Discount is automatically used on your items and will send your order sooner.


Activate this offer deal and start your savings.

How much money did you save on online medicine orders?

Comment about the Netmeds order and explore the free recharge offers.

HDFC Credit Card Offers FAQs:

How much discount does Netmeds give?

Netmeds gives 20% discount to its customers and they have to pay with the HDFC cards.

How do I add a coupon to Netmeds?

When you land to the basket, then you can see the box to enter the coupon code and pay online methods.

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