ICICI Pockets Offer: Get Rs 50 Cashback on Recharges

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ICICI Pockets Offer: In this offer post, I brought a new offer from the ICICI Pocket platform.

After reading this offer post, you will get the below rewards:

  • Rs 50 cashback on recharges.
  • Rebate on online shopping.
  • Free saving account.
  • And more rewards.

Do you know about the ICICI private firm, No?

Or have you ever visit the ICICI bank with your parents or someone else?

Let’s me tell you the answers!

ICICI Pockets an Indian private bank platform, where the customers can use its website or app to make a new saving account.

The exciting factor of Pockets is that the customer can open a savings account at home without any issue.

Furthermore, ICICI also provides various services like mobile recharge, electricity bill payment, and money transaction.

Before using the ICICI pockets for mobile recharge, know the below terms:

  • Mobile recharge: If the user does mobile recharge from ICICI, then the minimum amount is Rs 100 to eligible for a reward.
  • Utility bills: If the users pay utility bills online, they have to spend a minimum of Rs 200 or more to get Rs 50 cashback.

What is ICICI Pockets?

Pockets is a digital wallet introduced by ICICI, and it has been designed for the user for primarily purposes like online shopping, money transaction, and bill payment.

Pockets is more secure than that actual pockets because the virtual pockets is in ICICI’s hands, and sometimes customers lose money from their actual Pockets but not from it.

After reading the whole paragraph, you can download this ICICI Pocket app.

If you are ready to download the app, use the below-given link to download directly from the Android store.

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Are you getting excited to open new savings account from home?

Then read the below paragraphs carefully.

icici pockets offer

ICICI Pockets Offer Terms:

1. Get Rs 50 Cashback on Recharges

1) The customer will get offer reward in the form of free savings account from the ICICI Pockets app.

2) Also, the customer will earn cashback of Rs 50 when they use their ICICI debit card for mobile services.

3) The user will get a reward three times a month.

4) Under this offer, the first 50 users will get a reward from the ICICI Pockets website.

How to Avail ICICI Pockets Offer:

1) Firstly, visit the Google store and download the ICICI Pockets app from there.

2) Secondly, allow all the options to access the ICICI Pockets app.

3) Thirdly, click on the verify your mobile number button from the given page.

4) Now, it will automatically authenticate your device, and you will receive a verification code.

5) After that, enter your first name, last name, email, DOB, select gender, Aadhar number, and promo/referral code (optional).

6) After completing all the processes, create your MPIN (to secure your account).

7) Now, add some money to your new ICICI bank account.

7) Now, tap on the hamburger button and open the recharge section.

8) Now, enter the essential details which relate to your (mobile number or bills).

9) After completing a successful transaction, you will instantly get cashback worth Rs 50 to the ICICI app account.

10) Lastly, use your cashback on the next recharges on bill payments.


For creating a new saving account, Use the ICICI Pockets platform.

Did you get your offer reward (cashback) from the ICICI Pockets app?

Now, comment in the comment box about the ICICI rewards and check these free recharge tricks.

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Pockets by ICICI Bank
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