ICICI Zomato Offer: Get 20% OFF Up to Rs 100 on Order

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ICICI Zomato Offer: This post will introduce you to a food ordering offer named Zomato ICICI offer.

When you use this Zomato offer then you will get the below profits:

  • Cashback on ordering food.
  • Discount on payment with ICICI card.
  • Up to Rs 100 on food.
  • And many more benefits.


When I was ordered food and used the given code, I got a cashback from the Zomato app.


Do you want to interested to get this offer and earn cashback?

Let’s go into this ICICI Zomato offer!

Zomato is the biggest of India’s food ordering platform where the users can order food of their own choice.

This platform spreads across the nation across more than 500 cities, with 1.5 million restaurants and four ratings out of 5.

The topmost food brands are available on this platform, such as McDonald’s, Domino’s, Burger King, Subway, Paradise, Barbeque, Starbucks coffee, and many more.

Which food variety does this Zomato platform offer to its customers?

It provides Pizza, Pasta, Noodles, Pancakes, Cakes, Dal Makhani, Biryani, Butter, Chicken, and many more foods available.

An ICICI credit card only orders Zomato orders. ICICI is a banking platform that provides various services to its users.

In India, most people trust ICICI platforms, and it is increasing every day in the topmost ranking.

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Have you ever order your food through any online platform, or do you want to order food?

For using this offer, follow the below steps.

icici zomato offer

ICICI Zomato Offer Terms:

1. Get 20% OFF Up to Rs 100 on Order

1) Use this coupon code: ICICITREATS

2) If the user creates an account and uses the above-given code to order a portion of food, they will get a 20% discount (Rs 100) on the above Rs 500.

3) This offer is valid from Monday to Thursday only once a week and twice a month.

zomato offer

4) This offer is applicable only on ICICI credit cards till 31 January 2021.

5) There is a time limit to order food from 6 PM to 9 PM.

6) If a customer cancels the order, then they will not get back any discount.

How to Avail ICICI Zomato Offer:

1) Firstly, go to the Zomato website from the Offer Page.

2) Secondly, install the Zomato app directly from the Google play store.

3) Now, open the app and tap to enter your mobile number to create a new account.

4) Fourthly, tell something more about yourself by entering the name, email, and city.

6) After opening, you will see your offers and enter all your information like address, city.

7) And before checkout, go to the google play store and install the ICICI bank app.

8) After installing, create an account and link your ICICI credit card into this app.

9) Your credit card is linked to your ICICI bank app.

10) Now go to the Zomato platform, and use this ICICI coupon code: ICICITREATS

11) The above-given coupon code has been successfully applied, and click on it to check out this order.

11) After that, you will be redirected to the ICICI bank app and pay your food order payment.

12) Lastly, you will get your order at some time at your doorstep.


However, use the above-given coupon code and grab various discounts.

Have you got your discounts on using this ICICI Zomato offer?

Share your words in the comment section below and check some free recharge tricks.

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