Idea Loan Number: How to Take Loan in Idea Using Code

Idea Loan Number: In this article, I am going to tell you about Idea Talktime loan and Idea internet loan.

After reading this post, you will get to know:

  • How to take Loan in Idea Sim.
  • How to take Internet Loan in Idea.
  • About Idea loan USSD Code.
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Do you want to know more about Idea Talktime and Internet loan number?

Let me tell you everything about Idea loan step by step,

An emergency Talktime loan and emergency Internet loan is a service provided by the telecom operator (Idea) to its subscribers,

It is an Advance emergency loan service that you can take any time when you run out of balance.

As the service itself defines that it is an emergency service, which can be used anytime. Here the only condition is that you should be using the Idea sim card for more than 90 days in order to activate this service on your Idea sim card.

So are you using an Idea sim card from more than 90 days? Speak your mind in the comment section below.

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Now let me tell you the Loan USSD code number and all the methods to activate this service on your mobile number

Are you excited?

Idea Loan Number

What is Idea Loan Number?

There are different methods to take Loan on the Idea number, also you can take amount specific loan on your number.

For Example, If you want to take a Talktime loan of Rs 5 then there is a different USSD code and for Rs 10 Talktime loan there is a different USSD code. The same concept is for Advance internet loans.

So what is the Loan USSD code number?

Carry on your reading and head to the below-given methods section.

How to Take Loan in Idea Using Code?

Method One: For Idea Talktime Loan Number

1) First of all, open your smartphone dialer and dial this *121*4*7*1# number for Rs 5 emergency Talktime loan

2) You can also dial this *121*4*7*2# number for Rs 10 loan in your Idea sim card.

3) Both of the above codes are USSD loan code numbers so you will get a pop up after dialing the number on your smartphone.

4) Then follow the on-screen instructions and activate the Idea Loan service on your mobile number

5) When you do recharge on your mobile number of Rs 10 or more then the advance emergency Talktime charges will deduct from our main balance including your Emergency talk time balance.

6) These advance Talktime charges may vary from Rs 2 to Rs 5.

7) The charges will only deduct from your Idea sim card main balance when you recharge your number.

Method Two: For Idea Internet Loan Number

1) Firstly, of all dial this Advance 2G Internet Loan USSD code from your Idea Mobile number: *150*06#

2) Make sure to check the Idea sim card signals on your smartphone before dialing the above number.

3) Then like the previous steps you will get a popup on your screen with some points.

4) Read the points carefully and reply to the pop-up by typing the number on your dial pad.

5) Then you will get the successful activation pop-up and an SMS on your smartphone.

6) Upon dialing the above number you will get 2G internet balance.

7) For 3G/4G Advance emergency internet data balance dial *150*333# from your smartphone.

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