Indigo Credit Card Offers: Get 20% Cashback as 6E Rewards

Indigo Credit Card Offers: In this post, I will introduce a new credit card offer with this Indigo app.

Make a flight ticket fare on Indigo and get the following benefits:

  • Maximum cashback value.
  • 20% cashback on ticket booking.
  • Cashback on flight booking.
  • And more benefits.

To be sure:

I saved money on flight tickets when I used Indigo and made an online ticket booking.

Which bank credit card do you have? If you have an HSBC credit card, then it’s good for you as you can earn real cashback rewards.

Let’s start dealing with this Indigo credit card offers!

Indigo is an Indian Airline service that provides business across the nation customer and customers can choose any service.

The Indigo customers can make domestic flights, international flights, hotel bookings, and more.

Today, Indigo brought a special cashback offers with the HSBC bank credit card, where you can make an online booking to earn a cashback reward.

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Indigo Credit Card Offers

Indigo Credit Card Offers Terms:

1. Get 20% Cashback as 6E Rewards

1) No coupon code is required to save money as a discount from Indigo.

2) The users can get a maximum cashback 6E rewards into the Indigo, after making a flight ticket booking.

3) Users can save up to Rs 1500 cashback 6E reward on using Rupay credit card, and Rs 500 on debit card.

4) Issued cashback will be used on the next bookings and this offer is applicable once per customer.

5) Users have a right to make a fair ticket on the Indigo booking platform with an Rupay bank credit card.

6) Also, this Indigo credit card offers will end on 31st January 2023.

How to Avail Indigo Credit Card Offers:

1) Firstly, tap on the Indigo website from the offer page or download the Indigo flight ticketing app.

2) After that, tap the login tab from the homepage and enter the 10-digit phone number.

3) Enter the verification code and verify your account with a login code.

4) Sign in with your existing phone number if you have or use this Indigo platform to make a flight (domestic or international) booking.

5) Enter the information about your flight, such as starting point, destination point, date, return date, and more.

6) Afterward, select any options of the Armed forces, LTC, Family & Friends, Students, LTC, and more.

7) Now, click on the “search flight” bar and check out all the related flights > now, the many flights will be visible on your screen.

8) If you do not get the flight details, then check it once and correct all the details.

9) Then, check the flight timing and ticket value > next, tap on a particular ticket to make your payment.

10) Activate your HSBC bank credit card and return to the Indigo booking page before making payments.

11) Lastly, choose a credit or debit card option and make your entire payment with the HSBC credit card.


Check the credit card offers on the Indigo platform and save more.

How much cashback did you get back into your account after payment?

Comment below and share the free recharge offers.

Indigo Credit Card Offers FAQs:

Which credit card gives discount on Indigo flight booking?

You can get a discount on the Indigo platform on online transaction.

Is Indigo gives you cashback amount?

Yes, the Indigo customers can get money back to the Indigo account.

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