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INDmoney Referral Code: In this offer post, I will describe a new finance tracking platform named INDmoney.

If you use this INDmoney app, then you will receive all the below benefits:

  • Free stock on opening account.
  • Amazon stock on friends signup.
  • More stocks on referring friends.
  • And many benefits.


Earlier, I have been received 510 IND coins from the INDmoney app.

indmoney reward

Do you know about the IND coins, or have you ever listen to this type of platform?

Then continue to start reading!

INDmoney app is a new and marvelous platform where users can track their all the financial income.

It is the only way to invest in US stocks and get a chance to earn unlimited real cash. So, users can buy and sell US stocks.

Also, The user can track all the finance income, which are mutual funds, stocks, and loans, EPF (Employees’ Provident Fund), NPS (National Pension System).

Furthermore, the top companies that invest in this platform are Tiger Global, Steadview Capital, and Dragonee.

How is this platform give benefits to the users?

The user can use it and track all the personal finance income from this app with a single click. Also, it has launched a new refer program, where it is providing a stocks.

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Are you ready to get free IND coins from the INDmoney app, do not miss this offer?

Then hurry up to follow the below steps.

indmoney referral codes

INDmoney Referral Code Terms:

1. Get Amazon Stocks on Referring | Refer and Earn

1) The members will get free stocks (Netflix, Amazon, Bitcoin, and more) when they register a new account successfully on the INDmoney app.

2) Also, if the referee joins with the friend’s referral code, the referrer will get stocks to their INDmoney app wallet.

3) 1 IND coins are equivalent to Rs 1, and it automatically converted on US trading.

4) Also, if the user takes a prime membership, they will earn up to 3 times IND coins.

INDmoney Referral Code Overview:

Refer and Earn AppINDmoney
INDmoney Referral codeGWL23G3ITAMZ
App LinkINDmoney
Sign up BonusFree stocks
Referral BonusAmazon stocks

How to Get Rs 10 on Signup:

1) Firstly, visit the INDmoney website from the Offer Page.

2) Secondly, download the app from the Google play store.

3) Thirdly, open the app and enter your mobile number to create a new account.

4) Fourthly, use any INDmoney referral code: AMAN296A/WL23G3ITAMZ / YSX2G3ITNFX / RAM2G31TAPL

5) After clicking the submit button, you will be redirected to the main page.

6) Next, you will get your signup bonus, and it will appear in your app wallet from the IND coin options.

7) Now, enter your PAN card number and all the necessary information.

8) After that, you can track all your finance incomes from the given page.

9) Before redemption of all IND coins > enter your bank account details from the Bank option.

10) Now, you can use IND coins to invest in US stocks.

11) Lastly, you can redeem all the earnings directly into a bank account.

How to Share the INDmoney Referral Code: 

1) For sharing the referral code > tap on the INDmoney app icon on your smart device.

2) Now click on the rewards option from the right below the corner.

3) After that, tap on the refer now button to open the referral code.

4) Now, click on the clipboard to copy your INDmoney referral code.


Get ready to grab all the above benefits.

How much benefit did you receive from this referral post?

For getting the latest post > press the bell notification icon and check some free recharge offers.

INDmoney referral Code FAQs:

How Can I Facebook Stocks?

You need to create an account on INDmoney, then you can buy any stocks.

Does INDmoney provide referral rewards?

Yes, it provide reward on sharing referral code.

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In this digital media, you will know how to invest in US stocks from the INDmoney app.

How to Invest in US Stocks From India for Free with INDmoney

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