Instfx Website: Earn 50 INR on Inviting Friends | Refer and Earn

Instfx Refer and Earn: In this post, I will discuss a new crypto platform named Instafx.

Register on the Instfx platform using your mobile phone and earn all the below advantages:

  • 50 CGB coins on referring friends.
  • 10 CGB coins on the second referral network.
  • Redeem coin into a bank account.
  • And more advantages.


I have used this platform for online earning from cryptocurrencies.

instafx balance

Do you want to invest your money or your friend’s money on this Instafx platform?

Then dive deeper into this Instfx refer and earn program!

Instafx is the first and best cryptocurrency platform where users can buy or sell cryptocurrencies at the best price.

Inside this platform, the customers can buy or sell various cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Litcoin, Dogecoin, and many more.

Today, most peoples use different platforms for trading, but a few are earn a better percentage of profits because they know the ups and downs of markets.

Those who want to start investing in cryptocurrencies, and then I suggest you take deep knowledge about cryptocurrencies.

However, Instafx also provides basic knowledge of cryptocurrencies.

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Are you excited to use this Instafx platform on your mobile device?

Then read the terms to follow the steps.

instfx referral code

Instfx Refer and Earn Terms:

1. Earn 50 CGB on Inviting Friends | Referral Code

1) The new users will earn CGB coins from this Instafx platform after new signup and trading.

2) When a new friend joins Instfx under this refer and earn program, the referrer will earn 50 INR coins to the web wallet.

3) Instafx platform for those users whose age is more than 18.

4) The users can earn as much as they can by referring friends and also, the referee will also earn money to the 2nd referral network.

5) Instfx users reserve a right to change the referral program.

How to Register on Instafx and Earn:

1) First of all, go to the Instafx website from the given link.

2) After that, tap on the signup button from the right top button.

3) Next, enter details like first name, last name, referral code, phone number, username, set password, and verify through the robot.

4) Apply this Instafx referral code: Technojeet

instafx code

5) After applying the code, click on submit button to get a verification link or code.

6) Now, open the registered email address on your mobile device or desktop.

7) Next, verify your link and access the Instafx platform > after that, start investing in cryptocurrencies.

8) Before investing, complete your KYC verification by uploading your national id details.

9) Now, you will see a buy or sell option > tap on it to start trading on the homepage.

10) Next, invest your money in given cryptocurrencies and earn profit.

How to Share the Instafx Refer and Earn:

1) Open the Instafx website on your mobile phone, but log in only with your account.

2) After opening the Instafx web platform, open the menu button and tap on the referral option.

instfx referral

3) Next, copy your referral code or link as your choice.

4) Then, go to the social media/channels and send this code or link with your friends in a group or single.

5) When your friends register, then you will get a bonus.

Instfx Refer and Earn Overview:

Refer and Earn AppInstfx
Instfx Referral codeTechnojeet
Web LinkInstfx
Sign up BonusFree demat account
Referral BonusINR 50


Want to participate Instfx refer and earn program, then do it.

How much do you earned CGB coins from this Instfx platform?

Share your earnings in the below box and click on this free recharge offers link.

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