Jio Cloud App: Share & Earn Up to 50GB Free Storage | Referral Code

Jio Cloud Referral Code: In this refer and earn offer post, I will cover about Jiocloud referral code,

After reading this refer and earn post, you will get the below-given things:

  • 10 GB storage on joining.
  • Free storage per refer.
  • Up to 50GB Jio cloud storage.
  • And a lot more.

In fact:

Till now, I got 66GB of cloud storage by just referring to my friends, and I upload my most essential documents in the cloud storage.

Jio Cloud Free Storage

Do you want free cloud storage on the Jio cloud?

Let dive right in!

As you all know, Jio is expanding their services like hell, Jio wants to cover all the digital industries to grow their business and cash flow. Is this right?

Let me know your point of view in the comment section below. A few months ago, Jio launched its Cloud storage app in the Google play store.

Also, to promote their digital services, they opted in for the referral model.

It is a great business model for any service, and it also creates a win/win situation for both.

So what will you get when you refer your friends on the Jiocloud storage app?

As I told you above, Jio offers free cloud storage when you refer your friends on the Jiocloud storage app.

Also check:

Are you excited to know how to refer your friends to the Jio cloud app?

Then follow the below-given steps.

jio cloud referral code

Jio Cloud Referral Code Terms:

1. Get Up to 50GB Free Storage Per Refer | Refer and Earn

1) You can refer a maximum of 5 persons using your referral code, to earn up to 50 GB of bonus space only.

2) Bonus quota earned using the referral program will have a validity of 720 days from the date of credit.

3) This program is applicable for Jio cloud users only and new users will get 10 GB free storage.

4) The refer and earn Program is only valid on new sign-up on mobile/Web apps.

Jio Cloud Referral Code Overview:

Refer and Earn AppJio Cloud
Jio Cloud Referral CodeY1QRNQ
App LinkJio Cloud
Sign up BonusUp to 50GB Storage
Referral Bonus10 GB Storage

How to Get Jio Cloud Referral Code:

1) First of all, download the Jio cloud app from the Offer Page

2) Now, you will redirect to the Google Play store. On the store, click on the install button.

3) After clicking on the Install button, give the app some permission by clicking on the accept button.

4) Then, the app will automatically install on your smartphone. Once the app gets installed, click on the open button.

5) You will find the open button in the Google play store.

6) Now, open the app and sign with a google account or with your Facebook account.

7) After signing in to the Jio cloud app, you will ask for a referral code.

8) Now, enter this referral code in the Jio cloud app: Y1QRNQ

9) After entering the referral code, you will be asked which file you want to upload files to on cloud storage.

10) Select the file like images, video, audio, Etc. And then click on ok. Now you will be on the app dashboard.

How to Share Jio Cloud Referral Code:

1) To referring the friends, click on the menu section on the left top corner and then click on refer and earn on the bottom.

2) Now, copy your latest Jio cloud referral code and share it with your friends.

jio cloud refer

3) When your friend uses your code, you will get up to 50GB of storage for free in your Jio cloud account.

4) You can use this Cloud storage to save you any files or documents.


I hope you like this Jio Cloud referral code offer post.

Will you tell me which cloud storage platform you prefer the most, Google? Jio? Comment below!

Also, check some free recharge offers, free recharge app, and ask your friends to check if they are looking for some extra discount.

Jio Cloud Referral Code FAQs:

How do I get Jio cloud?

You can get Jio cloud free storage by downloading this app.

How do I get my Jio invite code?

Go to the menu section and search for refer and earn option > you will get your invite code.

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