Jio Free Data: Book Test Drive & Get 1GB Free Data

Jio Free Data: In this offer post, I am going to tell you about recent data offers from Jio,

After reading this offer post, till the end you get the below-given benefits:

  • Up to 10GB free data
  • Codes to grab Jio free internet
  • Jio free data vouchers
  • And much more.

In fact:

I received free data in the My Jio app many times on using the below-given offers.

Jio 1GB Internet

Let’s jump right in!

What you are searching for in the Google search box? Jio free data code Am I right?

If your answer is yes, then your search comes to the ultimate end,


For the reason that I am going to tell you about the Jio free data offers in this descriptive article,

Also, I will share some tricks, tips, steps as well as codes which you help you to avail Jio free data.

Using all these codes, tricks, offers, you will be able to grab Jio Free data within few minutes. Really?

Yes, This Article is not going to be a boring article, like other articles available on Google, Yahoo, and Bing SERPs.

So are you excited to know about Jio Free Data offers, codes, and tricks? Let get started!

Are you using Reliance Jio Network?

For how long you are using the Jio network? 3 Years? 4 Years?

Well, in order to avail of these offers there is no year specific criteria,

So let me tell you the Jio free data codes and offers, ok?

What is Jio?

It is the largest telecom operator in India after Airtel.

Airtel is also a telecom operator but Airtel is the rival of Jio. Why?

For the reason that Jio is offering great services to its users and no other telecom operator can able to compete with Jio.

Also, Jio is using the best cloud server hosting so its own website, apps including Jio Saavan, Jio cinema, Jio news, is always up all the time.

Jio invests very expensively in their services and products before launching any product in the market.

There is also a bunch of cheap cloud server hosting available in the market but Jio uses the best one to provide interrupted services to its customers.

One the other hand,

Small local Internet service providers mostly use free google cloud storage which benefits them 100 GB cloud storage, without any additional features.

But since 2015 Jio is providing premium services to its customers.


Yes, Jio was launched at the end of 2015.

After its launch, Jio announced Free data and voice calls to any network for free.

Due to this freebie, Jio becomes very popular across India,

And Indian youngsters started fulfilling their empty harddisks with the Jio high-speed free 4G data.

Jio Free Data

Jio Free Data Details:

This year, Jio started doing great improvements in their Jio network to make it the best 4G data network of India.

Other telecom operators like Airtel, Vodafone, Idea was not being able to capture the 4G Indian telecom market easily,

So their users are porting out from their network to Jio’s latest 4G network.

Airtel, Vodafone, and Idea are not the only telecom operators in India.

There are some other telecom operators too, like BSNL, Aircel, and MTNL.

Due to the huge competition in the telecom sector of the Indian market, operators like Aircel, BSNL are facing Huge loss.

Due to the continuous losses, Aircel had shut down its network.

Idea and Vodafone marges and become a single company.

So now there are only three competitors left in the telecom market and these are Airtel, Vodafone Idea, and BSNL.

These telecom operators are also offering free internet to their customers.

So, now let’s talk about,

Jio Free Data Offer Codes:

For a very long time, they are offering great offers on plans but now they are offering free data for all 8.3 million users across India.

Now Jio has come up with an offer in which Reliance Jio is offering 1GB, 2GB, 4GB, 6GB, 8GB data absolutely free.

Jio is providing these free data offers under Jio Wheel Offer, Jio celebration Scheme, Indian Premier League scheme,

Below mentioned Jio free data offers, codes are valid for all users and come with a validity period.

So make sure you check the validity of the offer before availing it.

Moreover, the below-given offers are not state or circle specific so every user of any circle can avail of this Jio data offer.

To know more about these Jio free data code, offers & how to avail these offers follow the below-given mention steps carefully.

Also if you have any questions regarding this offer then do let us know in the comments section below.

I will reply to each and every comment of our visitors.

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1. Book Test Drive & Get 1GB Free Data:

1) Book a TVS Sport test Ride and win 1GB free data.

2) Users will get assured 1GB free data in the Jio App.

3) Users will also stand a chance to win Jio Annual Pack.

Jio TVS 1GB Data

4) This TVS test drive offer is valid for a limited time period.

5) The 1GB free data can be redeemed from the Jio app.

How to Get 1GB Free Data by Test Drive:

1) Firstly, Download the MyJio app from the Google Play Store.

2) Now install the app on your smartphone and then login with your Jio number.

3) Then Go to the Jio engage tab and click on the TVS sports banner.

4) Now book a ride anywhere in India or use this PIN code 302001 to receive 1GB free data without booking.

5) Then you will get 1GB free data in the Winning section.

Jio 1GB Internet

2. Get 1GB Data By Playing IQL India Quiz:

Jio Free Internet Offer Image

1) Get a chance to win 1 GB of Internet data

2) Make your child play the quiz to learn fun facts about India And get a chance to win 1GB free Data.

3) Struggling to keep your child engaged during the lockdown? Tata salt IQL to the rescue.

4) This offer is valid for all Jio users.

5) This offer is valid only on the My Jio app.

How to Get 1GB Free Data Using IQL Quiz:

1) Firstly, open the My Jio app or download the My Jio app from the Play store.

2) Then enter your Jio mobile number and login to the app.

3) Now proceed and click on the Tata salt IQL banner in the Jio engage tab.

4) After that, tick mark and accept the terms and conditions of the offer.

5) Then click on the proceed button and enter your Name, Age, and Quiz Language.

6) After that, you will get two options, click on the take quiz option.

7) Now answers some simple questions like “How many members can the president nominate into the Rajya Sabha” etc.

8) Then, if your all answers are correct then you will get a chance to win 1GB free Internet.

2. Get 2GB Per Day for 4 days:

1) This offer is valid for selected users.

2) Also, some users will get a 2GB data voucher per day and some users will get a 1.5GB data voucher Per Day.

3) Jio Internet data will expire on 1st May as shown in the image.

Jio 2GB Internet

4) Users will not get the Jio – Non-Jio minutes.

5) Users can use this data, once their daily data-limited get exhausted.

How to Avail 2GB free Data for 4 days:

1) Jio will automatically credit this free data to your account

2) Check this free data voucher by download the Jio app from Google Play Store

3) Then, you have to click on the menu section after download the Jio app.

4) Now click on the voucher section and scroll down.

5) If you are eligible for this offer, then your 2GB data voucher will be available there.

3. Get 1.5 GB Free 4G Data:

1) The offer is valid for all Jio users.

2) Also, this free data offer is valid in all regions of India.

3) The user has to activate this offer from my Jio app.

4) The last date of this free data cricket pack is 30th April 2020.

How To Get 1.5 GB Internet In April:

1) Firstly, download the Jio app from the Website or download from the Google play store

2) Now install and open the app on your android device.

3) Then enter your Jio user id and password.

4) If you have a Jio sim on your mobile then select skip.

5) After clicking on Skip you will be automatically login in Jio app.

6) Now click on the Hamburger menu on the top left menu > My apps > Activate cricket pack (1.5 GB).

7) You will get 1.5GB on the first day and 1.5 GB in the upcoming days.

8) Enjoy this Cricket pack free data offer from your largest 4G telecom operator.

4. Get 1GB Jio free Data Daily:

1) Play the Madbury game on the Jio app and win 1GB data on your Jio mobile number.

2) Customers will get 1GB free data daily by playing the Madbury game on the Jio app.

3) Customers can play the game in the Jio engage tab in the My Jio app.

4) This is a freebies contest in the My Jio app for all Jio 4G customers.

5) This offer is valid for all Jio customers.

6) The last date of this Jio free data is July 2020.

How to Get 1GB Free Data Daily:

1) Firstly, download the My Jio app or Update the My Jio from Play Store

2) Secondly, after updating the app from the Google play store or from the above-given link, open the app on your smartphone.

3) Then log in using your Old username and password on the Jio app.

4) Or simply log in by entering your 10 digits mobile number in the Jio app.

5) Now verify your mobile number with a one-time password.

6) Now once you verify your Jio mobile number on the Jio app, you will be able to log in.

7) After you log in to your Jio app, click on the dashboard icon, and proceed.

8) Now click on the Jio engage and click on the Jio Madbury banner.

9) Then the banner title would be to invent your own Cadbury.

10) After that participate in that contest and play it till the end.

11) Now at the end of the contest, you will be asked to share the contest anywhere.

12) After that share the contest and enjoy 1GB data from Jio.

If this offer doesn’t work for you, then check below given Jio free data offers as well codes.

5. Get 1GB Free Data from Wheel:

1) Buy 1KG Wheel detergent packet and get Jio Free data code of 1GB

2) The offer is valid for a limited time period on Wheel 1KG pack.

3) Also, users need to call on a 10 digit number to grab 10Gb free data

4) The customer needs to enter the Unique code mentioned inside the Wheel pack.

5) Customers will get Jio Free data instantly after entering the Unique Code in the Jio app.

6) Reliance Jio reserves the right to change or modify this offer anytime.

7) Like the above-mentioned offer, this offer is also valid for all Jio users.

How to Get 1GB Data from Wheel Pack:

1) Firstly, Purchase a wheel pack of 1Kg from the nearby store.

2) Secondly, before purchasing the Wheel 1KG pack, check the Jio 1GB free data is mentioned on it or not.

3) Now open the pack Wheel pack and you will get a Unique code, not this code on a paper.

4) Then you will get a 10 digit code printed on the wheel pack of 1 KG

5) Dial the below given Jio free data code number on your smartphone and call on it.

  • The Jio free data code number is: 1800-212-7755

6) After that, you will get receive an SMS with a link, click on that link and install the Jio app from the Play store.

7) However, If you have already installed the Jio app from the Google Play store then just click on that link and it will open in the Jio app.

8) Now enter the code which you have noted down in the 3rd step of this procedure.

9) After entering that code in the Jio app, you will get a Pop-up in the Jio app that you will get your data within 7 days.

10) Now it will not take 7 days, it will get credit in your voucher section, from there you can claim your free data.

6. Get 8 GB 4G Internet Data Add-on:

1) Offer is valid for all users

2) Offer is valid for 4 days till 29th March 2020

3) Also, users will get 8 GB of 4G add-on data.

4) Jio reserves the right to change, modify this Offer.

5) Users can use 2 GB of data per day for 4 days.

How to Get 8 GB Data Add-on:

1) Firstly, of all Download My Jio App from Google Play Store

2) Now install and open the MyJio App on your smartphone.

3) Now log in with your username and password or sign in with a one-time password.

4) Or enter your Jio mobile number in the username and password to log in.

5) Then Goto My plans under the menu section of the My Jio app.

6) Now you will see the Jio celebration pack of 2GB data per day.

7) After that, If the celebration pack is not visible to you then Goto my vouchers section.

More Steps:

8) Now click on it and redeem it, and you will get a popup that the pack is activated on your Jio sim.

9) This is a Data add-on voucher so it will work in case your daily data limit exhaust.

10) Now enjoy this 2GB data add-on from your telecom operator Jio.

I hope you like all of the above given Jio Free data offers,

Is there any free data offer which I missed to mention above?

Feel free to share that offer with me in the comment section below and I will mention that offer too in this Jio free data offer post.

However, if you face any trouble in using these free data offers then let me know in the comment section.

If you didn’t face any problem while using these offers,

Then don’t hesitate to share these offers with your friends who are using Jio as their primary sim for data usage.

Also, don’t forget to check Jio Free Recharge tricks.

Using these tricks you can recharge your Jio mobile number free of cost.

Jio Free Data FAQ:

How to Get free data in Jio?

There are various methods through which you can grab free data in Jio, some of the methods include a step by step process, some include Jio free data code number which is mentioned in this article and some of them are contested. On playing contest you can win free data directly.

How to recharge Jio for free?

You can recharge your Jio number for free on various merchants like Amazon, Freecharge, Paytm, etc. But you need to apply coupon code to do complete your recharge for free. Coupon codes are mentioned in Earningkart. So just copy those coupon codes and enjoy Jio recharge for free.

How to Fix No signal in Jio sim?

This is not the Jio problem, this is your smartphone problem. Nevertheless, to fix this problem you need to reboot or restart your smartphone. Once you reboot the smartphone, then you need to go in the setting section and then set Jio sim card as 4G then you will not face this issue again. Also, you can use Jio data for longer periods.

How to fix Jio cellular network not available problem?

To fix this Jio cellular network not available problem, call to Jio customer care and ask them to install a new tower near you. Ice the tower get installed near your location then you will get high-speed data and proper coverage.

What is the Jio network coverage area?

Jio network coverage area depends on location and most importantly depends on the city you are living in. If you are not getting proper coverage and less data speed then tweet to Jio with the above handle.

How to solve Jio not giving speed problem?

I also face this Jio not giving speed problem many times while using Jio data and i fixed it by just rebooting my smartphone.

What is iPhone Jio Offer?

This is an offer like other Jio offers, but this iPhone Jio offer is now expired and no longer valid.

What is Jio call center number?

1800 889 9999: This is Jio's customer care number for mobile prepaid users.

What is Jio APN settings to use data?

Goto your smartphone setting and then select your network to LTE/GSM, and set APN to Jio net, then click on save.

How to fix Jio server down problem?

Jio server never gets down for the reason that Jio uses the best cloud server hosting. However, if the Jio server is down then there might be som big reason behind that. Call Jio customer care for support regarding the same.

When Jio 5G will launch?

Well, there is no specific date when the Jio 5G will launch by Jio company. But In India, smartphone companies started offering 5G connectivity in smartphones

How to Get Jio sim internet settings?

For Jio internet setting call to Jio customer care, they will send you settings using SMS. Furthermore, Then you need to install those settings on your smartphone.

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  1. What is the price of wheel packet in which Jio free data offer is mentioned?

    • I try 3 tricks but don’t get any data

      • Jio Cardbury offer is working now, it will help you to grab jio free data.

        Also, the wheel pack offer is currently working, so make sure to try it.

        It will also benefit you and will provide 1GB of Jio free data with every pack of the wheel.

        I recently purchased 12 wheel packs, I got the detergent along with jio 1GB free data.

        Well, the 1GB of free data only cost around Rs 10 nowadays.

        So it’s your wish if you want to buy pack of the wheel then go for it or do a recharge of Rs 10 by visiting your nearest retailer.

        I hope you got your answer for Jio free data Inderjeet.

        Keep visiting Earningkart.

    • The price of that packet is Rs 40, and on buying that wheel packet you will get 1GB of jio free data.

      You will find Jio free data code inside that pack of wheel and then you have to SMS that code on a Number in order to receive 1GB jio data for free.

  2. 6289250036 free data 2GB

    • Hi Naimur,

      Please don’t disclose your mobile number,

      Your Mobile number is your identity, and if you disclose it then you might receive unusual calls,

      Do you want that someone will call on your number, even without knowing your name?

      I hope you don’t need these calls, am I right?

      So keep your mobile number safe,

      And if you need Jio free data of 2GB then use the methods which I explained in this Jio free internet offer post,

      After applying the above-given methods you will automatically get Jio 2Gb of free data.

      I hope this helps.

      Keep visiting Earningkart daily for more free data offers like the above one.

  3. data kam karega keya with out recharge pack if expired?

    • Yes, Bisu

      If your Data get expired then also you can use JIO free data,

      Let me know if you need any other help regarding the same,

      I will be happier to help you!!

      Keep visiting and Keep Earning.

  4. My app to hai hi nhi kahi pe bhi jio app me

    • Hi MD Afroz,

      Thanks for your comment,

      You have to find Jio Engage option in the My Jio app.

      You don’t need to find Bio option there.

      Well Have a good day,

      Keep visiting Earningkart and Keep earning!

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