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Jio Quiz Answers Today: In this quiz offer post, I will tell you about a Jio quiz answer.

After downloading the Jio app, you will get various benefits:

  • Win 1 GB free data.
  • 100 MB data on participating.
  • MS Dhoni merchandise.
  • And much more.

Are you excited to get free Jio data from the Jio platform?

Let’s get started on this offer!

Jio is one of India’s largest telecom platforms that provides the best networking services.

Furthermore, this platform’s various services are prepaid recharges, UPI payments, paying the utility bills, and wireless networking through Jio fiber.

Apart from this, it provides several entertainment platforms such as games, news, movies, music (audio and video), and many more.

If you do not have the Jio app on your smartphone? Then you have to download from the below-given link. And

And also, Jio provides own many apps: Jio News, Jio Cinema, Jio Saavan, Jio Engage, Jio Games, Jio Cloud, and Jio TV.

Have you got any quiz answers from any website or have you ever visited this platform to get an Oreo Play Pledge, Asian Paints, Dairy Milk quiz competition?

If you want to get answers of Jio quiz today then read all the answers below carefully otherwise you will miss the chance to win various benefits.

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Are you excited to play the Oreo quiz game on the Jio platform?

Then answer all the questions which appear on the Jio app.

jio quiz answers

Jio Quiz Answers Today:

1. Jio Lucky Draw Quiz Answers (5th March)

Q1) India lies in which continent?

Ans: Asia

2. Jio Spin2Win Answers (5th March)

Q1) Which part of computer share its name with an animal?

Ans: Mouse

3. Jio Trivia Fun Zone Quiz Answer (5th March)

Q1) Which brand of wrist watch do you like to own?

Ans: Titan

Q2) What is the sculpture on the bonnet of Rolls Royce care called?

Ans: The Sprit of Ecstasy

Q3) Quaker is a food company famous for which product?

Ans: Oats

Q4) Which of these gaming consoles was manufactured by by Nintendo?

Ans: Gameboy Advance

Q5) Which of these is not a brand of Potato chips?

Ans: Cadbury

Q6) What is the tagline of Gillette?

Ans: The Best a Man ca Get

Q7) Th logo of Mercedes Benz has a star with how many points?

Ans: 3

Q8) The logo of apple has bite taken out of it on which side?

Ans: Right

Q9) Casio is a famous electronics brand founded in which country?

Ans: Japan

4. Jio Oreo Play Pledge Quiz Answer (5th March)

Day 1: Art & Craft

Jio Oyo Quiz Answers

5. Jio Unscramble Quickies (5th March)

Q1) Rearrange all these words K, A, I, Y, K, A, N, G


6. Jio Indian Super League Answer (5th March)

Q1) The sentence that best describes you as a player?

Ans: I can score when I want, as many times as I want.

Q2) When you are facing a tough opponent, your first instinct on the pitch is to?

Ans: Apply pressure on your opposition players from the first whistle.

Q3) Your team is winning by two goals and the coach subs you in at the 80th minute, what do you do?

Ans: Try get on to the score-sheet and extend the lead.

Q4) The opponent dribbles past you easily?

Ans: Score and make an actual difference.

Q5) Your team is attacking, it’s 3v3 what do you do?

Ans: Try to run past the defensive line and score.

7. Jio TVS Sport Quiz Answers (5th March)

Q1) TVS Sport Deta Hai __ more Mileage?

Ans: 15%

Q2) TVS Sport Kis technology Ko use karat Hai?

Ans: ETFi

Q3) TVS Sport ka Tagline Kya Hai?

Ans: Mileage La Baap

Q4) Sport Ke Fuel tank par Konsa Logo Hai?

Ans: TVS Premium 3D Logo

Q5) TVS Sport ka Nam __ Aur Asia Book of records Mein Darj Hai?

Ans: India Book of Records

How to Play Jio Quiz on MyJio App:

1) Firstly, download the Jio app from the Google play store.

2) Secondly, open the app and allow all the permissions like calls, SMS, location, media, and contacts.

3) Thirdly, enter your existing mobile number to get a verification code.

4) Or create a new account with a valid Jio mobile number.

5) Now, you will jump on the app dashboard and scroll down.

6) After that, you will see an “Oreo play pledge” and other contest banners > click on any banner page.

7) Now click any one of the options to take a pledge, and click on the play & win option from the below-given opportunity.

8) And you have to agree to terms and conditions by clicking on the I accept button.

9) Now play a Jio quiz game today and get all the above-given answers.

10)After that, you will get a message of a gift of 100 MB of data.

11) Now, if you win the quiz game, then you will get a chance to win Jio free data, MS Dhoni Merchandise and so on.


Play Jio quiz every day using the above answers and stand a chance to win free 1 GB data.

Which prize did you get from all the above-given benefits?

Lastly, if your Jio quiz answers matches with the above-given answers then let me know in the comment section and don’t forget to check free recharge tricks.

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In this digital media, you will see how to play Jio Oreo play pledge quiz game on the Jio app.

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