Jiomart HDFC Offer: Save Up to Rs 8000 on Smartphones

Jiomart HDFC Offer: In this post, I will speak about a new HDFC offer with Jiomart.

After installing the Jiomart app and use an HDFC card for the below profits:

  • 10% on payments.
  • Discount on successful purchase.
  • Maximum up to Rs 8000.
  • And more profits.


I have saved some money in the form of cashback from the Jiomart store.

Do you want to get cashback on online electronics purchases? If you wish to, then ensure you have a valid bank card.

Now jump into this Jiomart HDFC offer!

Jiomart is a new and unique grocery shopping store, which consists of all needed items like fruits, vegetables, dairy, bakery, staples, etc.

Also, the boys and girls can use it for clothes items. Today, it has more than 300 stores in 218 cities, and all its stores are filled with the necessary items.

Apart from that, Jiomart has brought a cashback offer that is applicable only for online users.

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Do you have an account at the Jiomart store? If you become a member of this firm.

Then activate your account after following the below steps.

Jiomart HDFC Offer

Jiomart HDFC Offer Terms:

1. Get 10% Off on Online Payments

1) The customers will receive 10% discount from Jiomart after making a successful purchase of e-items.

2) Customer will get maximum discount is up to Rs 8000 into the bank account.

3) These offers will end on 23rd February 2024, so users can purchase Samsung products of “S” series.

4) Offer is listed only for the electronics items and applicable to transactions with the HDFC bank credit/debit card and EMI.

5) Also, Jiomart and HDFC users can use this offer once per card with a minimum transaction of Rs 50,000.

How to Avail Jiomart HDFC Offer:

1) Firstly, tap on the Jiomart website from the given link or use its downloaded app.

2) After installing the Jiomart app, click to open it and make a new successful account with valid details.

3) Now, log in with existing details or signup with a new mobile phone number and one-time login code.

4) Fourthly, you will land on the page and set your GPS location to access more amazing electronic items.

5) From the search bar, you can search for the particular items available at the Jiomart grocery store.

6) Then, you will see many items from the given page and tap on any of them to explore the product like Samsung S23, 23+ and Ultra smartphones.

7) In a few seconds, you get the detail of your product and after that, add them into your Jiomart basket.

8) Next, get your HDFC bank card in your hand for the online payment, and you can use your parent’s card with their permission.

9) Now, tap on the Jiomart basket and review your product item for online purchase.

10) Add your shipping and details and proceed to make payment with the HDFC bank credit or debit card.


Go to the Jiomart online store, not the physical store, and do online shopping.

Did you save from this offer on shopping?

Tell me about earning cashback in the comment section or check out all the free recharge offers.

Jiomart HDFC Offer FAQs:

How do I get cashback from Jiomart?

You can earn cashback reward from the Jiomart after complete a transaction with the valid bank cards.

Is Jiomart allows the HDFC card?

Jiomart is India's top grocery store which allows almost payment merchants and all banks.

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