Leafround App: Get Commission on Referral Joining | Refer and Earn

Leafround Refer and Earn: I will discuss a new Leafround platform for your investments.

Download the free app from the Android store and receive the below gains:

  • 5% commission on referrals.
  • Refer and earn rewards.
  • Redeem the reward in a bank account.
  • And more gains.

To be sure:

I have invested the money in Leafround with the best returns and will get the best asset value.

Do you want to start your online investments with this platform? So need to activate your account and move ahead.

Let’s dive deep into the referral program!

Leafround is a platform similar to Grip, but here you can see several companies like NutriTap, Tilt, Fyn, Melorra, DrinkPrime, RACEnergy, and more.

Leafround companies

Once you know about the investment strategies, then you can level your investment amount in available companies on Leafround.

You can invest until it sells and within one month and get the best returns with small investments.

Additionally, Leafround users quickly join the referral program via a small KYC verification.

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Are you ready? So first read the referral terms and then follow them.

 Leafround refer and earn

Leafround Refer and Earn Terms:

1. Get Commission on Referral Joining | Referral Code

1) The users will get access to this Leafround platform after opening an account and completing KYC verification.

2) If the referee enters the given code in the Leafround app while registering, the referrer will earn a commission amount.

3) Also, the maximum 0.5% commission is earned by the users from their referrals, and no limit on inviting friends.

4) Leafround reserves the right to modify the referral rewards and terms at any time without prior notice.

5) Invest in any funds on the Leafround platform and earn an unlimited reward for free.

Leafround Refer and Earn Overview:

Refer and Earn AppLeafround
Leafround Referral codeRANDOMDIMES
App LinkLeafround
Referral Bonus0.2% commission

How to Get the Joining Bonus:

1) Firstly, open the Leafround website link or download the Leafround app on mobile.

2) After that, click on the sign-in tab and login into your account with the valid credentials.

3) Now, enter the mobile number or email address and proceed to add more details.

4) Next, add your first name, last name, confirm your email address, referral code, and click to get an OTP on your device.

5) Apply this Leafround referral code: RANDOMDIMES

Leap code

6) If you entered the correct information, submit your details and visit the Leafround online platform.

7) Next, check whether your assets are available and complete your KYC verification with the actual documents before that.

8) Now, once you verify your account, so add the bank details and deposit money into Leafround from a bank account.

9) Move to the deals section and choose any companies to earn.

How to Share the Leafround Refer and Earn:

1) Tap on the Leafround app icon on your mobile device and visit there to refer.

2) Then, you will see an upside section on the above page, so open it fastly.

Leafround invite earn

3) If your KYC verification is completed, the code with a link will be visible.

4) Alternatively, complete verification to generate Leafround refer code and share it with your friends.


Join the Leafround online platform and invest money to get more.

In which company will you decide to invest?

Comment the company name and click the free recharge offers a link to get more posts.

Leafround Refer and Earn FAQs:

Is Leafround investment app?

Yes, Leafround is one the investment platform and where you can invest in getting double.

Is Leafround have to refer and earn?

Leafround users can join the referral program and get rewards from there.

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