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Limese Refer and Earn: I will speak to you the beauty shopping company named Limese.

Shop the beauty products from Limese and get these online benefits:

  • Rs 200 off coupon.
  • Rs 200 instant vouchers.
  • Save on online beauty.
  • And more benefits.


I have got loyalty reward points, which are welcome bonuses provided by this company.

Limese Refer Bonus

Do you want to get the online benefits from this Limese online platform? If you are excited to get.

Then dive straight into the program below!

Limese is an online beauty shopping platform known for selling beauty products. It manufactures only skin care products.

Shop product items like cleansers, toners, essences, eye care, sports treatment, pimple patches, masks, moisturizers, Lip care, sunscreens, and more.

Limesse Shop

On the other hand, this brand operates a service for Indian customers, and verified customers can shop from there.

Currently, this company is providing a referral program through which one person can invite another person and get referral rewards.

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These are the major instructions, and you need to follow them carefully.

Limese Refer & Earn

Limese Refer and Earn Terms:

1. Rs 200 Off Coupon on Invites | Referral Code

1) After registering online, New shoppers will receive Rs 200 discount coupons from this online Limese platform.

2) If you refer your friends and when friends join with your invitations so that, the referrer will receive a Rs 200 coupon voucher.

3) Coupon voucher of the Limese will sent to the user’s account and which is 100% usable on the product shopping page.

4) 100 Limese loyalty points are equivalent to INR 1, and where customers can use only this brand’s beauty products.

5) The Limese refer and earn program is applicable only for 18+ age members, and only Limese has the right to change the terms.

Limese Refer and Earn Overview:

Refer and Earn AppLimese
Limese Referral code4QLnGmSg
App LinkLimese
Sign up BonusRs 200 Coupon
Referral BonusRs 200 Coupon

How to Shop from Limese at Discounts:

1) Firstly, tap to the Limese online shopping page, or you will have officially landed on the right page.

2) Choose the profile icon and create an account easily; tap on the registration form with valid credentials.

3) Next, enter the mail address, phone first name, last name, and password for your safety.

4) Use this Limese refer and earn code: 4QLnGmSg (optional).

Limese Refer Link

5) Now, explore the given beauty catalogs to shop for the products and choose your favorite choices.

6) Afterward, click on a particular item that you want from the Limese and check out the quality by reading the description.

7) Now confirm the items and add them to the basket or cart, then move on to adding the shipping details.

8) Confirm your shipping choice and add the coupons correctly > then pay the amount suitably.

How to Share the Limese Refer and Earn:

1) To bring your friends to Limese, just send the invitation with your friends.

2) After that, click to the Limese reward icon, so the pop-up window will appear to refer.

3) Generate the unique referral link and copy it from the clipboard to share the invites.

4) Tell your friends about the referral rewards, and both will earn the same amount.


Explore the beauty products of your favorite choice and invite them with benefits.

Which beauty product did you order from this Limese online platform?

Tell with us the product name and open these free recharge offers.

Limese Refer and Earn FAQs:

Is Limese a good platform?

Yes, Limese is a good platform, which consists the beauty products and where anyone can shop.

Is Limese allows you to invites?

Limese has the referral program and where anyone can invite them.

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