Ludo Ninja App: Play Ludo App & Get Rs 10 | Referral Code

Ludo Ninja Referral Code: In this referral post, I will discuss a new ludo game app named Ludo Ninja.

Upon downloading the Ludo Ninja app, you will get the below rewards:

  • Up to Rs 1000 on referring friend.
  • Extra money on deposits.
  • Rs 10 on a new account.
  • And many more prizes.


I have received Rs 10 bonus on money depositing in the Ludo Ninja app.

ludo ninja signup bonus

Have you ever earn money online by playing the Ludo Ninja app?

Let’s jump down to earn this offer!

Ludo Ninja is a new platform where many users can play a Ludo game with friends or separately.

It designs by an Indian designer, which we can also called the multiplayer version of Ludo. Many Ludo platforms are available, but it is different from other ludo games as it gives 100% payment to its users.

If you are the lucky winner, then your name will publish on the main app dashboard and you can see it from the below tab.

And also, you can play with the 1v1 battle contest and the three winners contest. Sometimes, it offers free entry to its users, but the prize money is up to Rs 20.

Two winners and one winner’s contest are currently unavailable, but the Ludo Ninja team members will shortly provide these contests.

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Do you want to Install this Ludo Ninja app on your smartphone?

Then follow the mentioned steps.ludo ninja referral code

Ludo Ninja Referral Code Terms:

1. Play Ludo Game & Win Reward Money | Refer and Earn

1) The Ninja members will get a Rs 10 signup bonus after entering all the mandatory details on the Ludo Ninja app.

2) When friends join with the Ludo Ninja referral code, the referrer will get up to Rs 1000 referral bonus.

3) The signup bonus and referral bonus are non-transferable, meaning they cannot redeem the money to the bank account.

4) To redeem the money, the user has to complete the e-KYC.

5) Ludo Ninja reserves a right to change the program and terms anytime.

Ludo Ninja Referral Code Overview:

Refer and Earn AppLudo Ninja
Ludo Ninja Referral code9170DWRT0T
App LinkLudo Ninja
Sign up BonusRs 10
Referral BonusUp to Rs 100

How to Play Ludo and Win Exciting Rewards:

1) Firstly, go to the Ludo Ninja website and tap on the “Download app” banner from the page.

2) After this, your app will download shortly.

3) Thirdly, enter your mobile number and click on the continue button > enter a verification code.

4) After that, type your name, preferred language, and referral code.

5) Nextly, use this Ludo Ninja referral code: 9170DWRT0T

ludo refer

6) After clicking the Continue button, you will get your signup bonus to the app wallet.

7) Now, you can see your signup bonus from the wallet section.

8) After that, go to the homepage and select battle to win real money.

9) To withdrawal the money, you have to enter the bank details and upload the PAN card document.

10) Finally, you can withdraw all Ludo game income to the bank account.

How to Share the Ludo Ninja Referral Code:

1) Firstly, go to the Ludo Ninja app and tap on the left given hamburger button.

2) After that, press the refer and earn option from the menu bar.

ludo refer

3) Next, you will jump on the referral code page > click on the clipboard to copy it.

4) Or use the referral media options to share the referral link with your friends.

5) Next, open your app wallet to check the referral bonus.


Play Ludo game online on this Ludo Ninja platform.

What did you get from this Ludo Ninja app?

Describe your ludo game earnings in the comment section and use these free recharge offers.

Ludo Ninja Referral Code FAQs:

Is Ludo Ninja safe?

Ludo Ninja is safe to use and for earning purpose.

Can I play Ludo Ninja anywhere?

Yes, you can play Ludo game in Ludo Ninja anywhere.

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Ludo Ninja app se refer Karke paise Kaise kamaye, Ludo Ninja refer & earn money ||
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