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Marrow Referral Code: Today, I am gone to speak about a new online PG (post-graduation) platform named Marrow.

After registering on this Marrow app, you will get the below profits:

  • Free 1-month subscription.
  • Free subscription on inviting friends.
  • Lecture videos and free MCQs test book.
  • And many more.

In Reality:

I have received a free text message of a 1-month subscription from the Marrow app.

marrow reward

Did you hear what I said? If not.

Then read again from the above paragraph!

Marrow is a new type of online platform. By using the platform the user will get a free subscription plan for NEET videos.

These are the various subscription plan, which you can purchase it for NEET PG classes:

  • PLAN A: In this plan, you will get a six-month plan, 12-month plan, and 18-month plan.
  • PLAN B: In this plan, a user will get a three-month, six-month plan, 12-month plan, and 18-month plan.
  • C Plan: Using this plan, the user will get a six-month plan: Rs 26,500 , a 12-month plan of Rs 32500, an 18-months plan, and  a 24-month plan.

Many Qbank (question bank) series are available on this platform Anatomy, Biochemistry, Pharmacology, Dermatology, Pediatrics, and so on.

marrow courses

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Are you excited to download this Marrow app on your smartphone?

Then jump down to grab all the below steps.marrow referral code

Marrow Referral Code Terms:

1. Get Free NEET Videos & MCQs | Refer and Earn 

1) If a user enrolled themselves in the Marrow app as a student, they will get the above-given benefits.

2) If a referee uses the referral code, the referee will get a one-month subscription plan for free.

3) If a user enters the institute name for the first time, then they cannot change their institute name in the future.

4) The minimum subscription starting plan from Rs 26,500.

Marrow Referral Code Overview:

Refer and Earn AppMarrow
Marrow Referral codeSR36UQD
App LinkMarrow
Sign up Bonus1 month plan free
Referral BonusFree subscription

How to Get Free NEET Videos & MCQs:

1) Firstly, open the Marrow website from the given link or go to the Google play store to download the Marrow app.

2) Secondly, press the signup button to create a new account.

3) After that, enter your email id, name, password, strong password, and mobile number.

4) Next, type an OTP (one-time-password) and login to the account.

5) Next, select your institute (educational status, states, college name) and then press the submit button.

6) After that, tap on the profile icon and open the apply voucher/referral code option.

7) Now use this Marrow referral code: SR36UQD

marrow code

8) Now, you will get a reward as a signup bonus to the app wallet.

9) After that, purchase a subscription plan from the various plans.

10) During checkout, your signup bonus is automatically used.

11) Lastly, watch videos, and get all the MCQ related t0 your NEET PG exams.

How to Share the Marrow Referral Code:

1) Now open the Marrow referral code > by tapping on the app icon on your phone.

2) After that, hit the profile icon from the left top corner.

3) Next, click on the share app option from the menu bar.

4) After that, you will see various sharing options. Click any of them to share the referral link.

5) After a successful referral, you will get the benefits instantly.


Want to get more subscription plans for free? Then share the Marrow referral code.

how many days did you get a subscription?

Share in the comment box about your subscription plan and check these free recharge offers.

Marrow Referral Code FAQs:

Is Marrow gives you free susbcription?

It has a free plan and which is applicable for a few days.

Can I invite friends on Marrow?

Yes, you can invite your many friends on the Marrow after generating a link or code.

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