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Murf Refer and Earn: I am introducing the AI company named Murf, which has its own AI software.

Join the Murf and receive all the benefits:

  • Rewards on invitations.
  • 20% commission on refers.
  • Free trial for a few days.
  • And more benefits.


I already joined the Murf platform and availed the AI services, which are amazing to use.

Have you heard about this Murf ever? You can generate the voice from Murf.

So check out the below services & program!

Murf is an AI software company that allows users to generate voice content for videos and slideshows, and you do not need to hire artists.

It provides browser-based online software, where you can get the many advantages for free by joining and referring.

Murrf Products

Explore these product services: Canva add-on, Text-to-speech, voice cloning, voice-over video, google slide add-ons, and much more.

Create e-learnings, advertisements, video planners, podcasts, Spotify ads, video games, INR voices, animation videos, and corporate videos.

Also, it joins the referral program and gets referral rewards by joining the program.

Also check:

Read the hassle-free terms of the Murf and get quick rewards.

  Murf Refer & Earn

Murf Refer and Earn Terms:

1. Avail 20% Commission on Friends | Referral Code

1) The users can get access to the Murf services when they register in the Murf AI platform with their identifications.

2) The referee has to purchase the plan or free trial for a few days, and they can save it as a discount form.

3) Upon the successful referee’s purchase of the Murf plans, the referrer will receive a commission amount of 20%.

4) Maximum reward value is 20%, and the reward amount will be credited to the Murf account or wallet, which is redeemable.

5) Also, the Murf refer and earn program is eligible for every customer, and the program is valid for a short time.

Murf Refer and Earn Overview:

Refer and Earn AppMurf
Murf Referral codee6kwhcbnwgfu
App LinkMurf
Sign up BonusFree Trials
Referral Bonus20% Commission

How to Avail the Signup Bonus:

1) Get access to the Murf webpage online platform by tapping the link once, and you will land over there on the proper page.

2) Murf does not have an Android service while the software services are available, so after reaching there, get its free or paid services hassle-free and use it.

3) Now, join the account with an existing Microsoft account or Google account to connect directly or join by adding new details like email ID and password.

4) Once you add signup credentials, you must enter your first name and last name, add the company name, and verify with your accounts.

5) Use this Murf refer and earn code: e6kwhcbnwgfu (optional).

Murf Link

6) The verification link has already been sent to the mentioned email address, so check the verification link and open it for account verification in a given period.

7) A free trial is activated with the Partnerstack account. check the free plan for the days and start exploring the product services.

8) Ask the Murf AI service to generate the voice content, check by listening to it, and use it on the online business or other.

9) You can pay the amount for the paid subscriptions and use it multiple times.

How to Share the Murf Refer and Earn:

1) Still, the Murf webpage is open, so open it with the old social accounts.

2) Then move directly to the dashboard to check out the products & referral services.

Murf Referrals

3) Get the link by scrolling the page and you can find the unique links, so get it from there.

4) Invite your friends with this link and tell them to use the AI services.


Avail of the Murf benefits after joining and generate the free contents.

Which type of content did you generate from the Murf platform?

Freely tell us below and check out the free recharge offers.

Murf Refer and Earn FAQs:

Is Murf an AI platform?

Yes, the Murf is an AI software company, which the humans can use it for their business or other uses.

How I invite with Murf?

Yes, you can invite the friends with the Murf after generating a link.

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