Optionlogy Web: Get 15% Subscription Charges | Refer and Earn

Optionlogy Refer and Earn: In this post, I will tell you about the trading analytics platform named Optionlogy.

After joining this Optionlogy, you will get these benefits:

  • 15% commission on friends.
  • 15% off on the subscriptions.
  • Free stocks demat account.
  • And more benefits.


I opened an account on Optionlogy when I joined it for stock trading.

Have you ever done stock or crypto trading in India? If you have an account, then just visit the Optionlogy.

Now, move straight into this program!

Optionlogy is one of the first trading analytics and tracking companies in India where traders become traders and start investing in online stocks.

It is similar to the Tradingview so that anyone can join and the users must connect their brokerage account.

Optionlogy Services

Tools services are: Strategy finder, Trading Journal, Option chain, Live trading chart, auto trading, strategy builder, and more.

On the other hand, it provides you with a referral program, and every referrer can get a referral reward through a subscription.

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Check the following terms in the Optionlogy and follow the below steps.

Optionlogy Refer & Earn

Optionlogy Refer and Earn Terms:

1. Get 15% Subscription Charges | Referral Code

1) The users can open a free demo account in the Optionlogy platform after adding the necessary credentials & log in.

2) If the referee joins with an account in the Optionlogy with the referral link so that, the referrer will receive a commission.

3) Users need to make a subscription purchase, and they will save a 15% discount on the membership plan.

4) A maximum 15% charge commission is allotted for every referrer when the referee completes their subscription purchases.

5) The received amount is added to the Optionlogy, and the referral program will end anytime.

Optionlogy Refer and Earn Overview:

Refer and Earn AppOptionlogy
Optionlogy Referral code2847343DS
App LinkOptionlogy
Sign up Bonus15% Off Coupon
Referral Bonus15% Commission

How to Open Free Account:

1) Just move to the Optionlogy web refer link from the given page to visit there or search in the browser.

2) Then, go to the profile tab from the above page, and you will need to open a free Demat account with the necessary details.

3) Next, add your phone number, name, email address, password, and verify with the received code.

4) Also, use this Optionlogy refer and earn code: 2847343DS (optional).

5) You need to go to the mail inbox for the verification and start activating your account for the stock trading.

6) Now, your free trial for 14 days will be activated and, will end within days so that you can see many features there.

7) Before that, choose any broker to link with the Optionlogy and link the brokerage account successfully with the client ID or other.

8) Afterward, go to the subscription page and buy its membership to avail or get access to every service.

9) Next, you can start trading anytime, paper or without paper.

How to Share the Optionlogy Refer and Earn:

1) Once you join the Optionlogy with your log in account, open it on your device.

2) Afterward, go to the homepage, so you can see the Refer & earn tab & open it.

Optionlogy Refer

3) You will redirected to the referral page, where you can scroll down to generate the link.

4) Next, check this refer link and invite with your referrals to get the rewards.


Explore the Optionlogy platform for the free stocks trading & invest a low value.

How much amount did you spend on the Optionlogy platform?

Tell with us in the below section and check out these Earningkart.

Optionlogy Refer and Earn FAQs:

How I invest in Optionlogy?

You can invest in the Optionlogy after becoming a member & activate an account.

Can I refer friends on Optionlogy?

You can refer your friends in the Optionlogy after generating a free link.

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