Park+ Quiz Answers: Get Free Petrol on Answers

Park+ Quiz Answers: I am here to tell you about the free petrol platform named Park+.

Take a quiz and stand a chance to win the below rewards:

  • Free petrol on answers.
  • Win free fuel on every answer.
  • Up to 500 ml fuel.
  • And many more rewards.

In fact:

I played the quiz many times and got a streak to buy fuel from the fueling stations.

Park+ Fuels

Do you want to get free Petrol fuel? So, there is a way to get it, and you have to check out this properly.

Now move ahead and listen to it!

Park+ is a new platform and an innovation where its users can get free petrol fuel for doing some online tasks.

It allows you to super save on petrol bills or take fuel vouchers for free from this platform.

On the other hand, Park members can play quiz games, and if they given all the answers & win the contests, they get the Petrol fuel rewards.

Also check:

There are a few terms of the Quiz game, and follow it to play correctly. Then match all the given answers in your app.

 Park+ Quiz Answers

Park+ Quiz Answers Terms:

1. Get Free Petrol on Answers

1) Every contestant will get a reward of free Petrol fuel from this Park+ platform after winning the quiz.

2) Quiz contains a minimum of 5 questions, and contestants will have to answer all the questions.

3) Also, the Park+ quiz contests answers updates every time, and participants must play the quiz for seven days to win free fuel.

4) Maximum fuel quantity is 500 ml, and participants can win it after giving all answers in a duration.

Park+ Quiz Answers Today:

Q1) Which Bollywood movie is this car scene from?

Ans: Dilwale

Q2) Which Bollywood movie is this car scene from?

Ans: Bhoothnath returns

Q3) Which Bollywood movie is this car scene from?

Ans: Karwaan 

Q4) Can you guess the car based on the headlights?

Ans: Maruti Suzuki Baleno 

Q5) Can you guess the car based on the headlights?

Ans: Honda Civic

How to Avail the Park+ Quiz Answers:

1) First, download the Park+ Android app from the store or go to the webpage in the browser.

2) After downloading an Android app, then open it and sign in as a guest for a few service access or get full access by registration.

3) Next, the registration form will be open, and fill in all the information such as phone number, refer code, and verification code.

4) Submit details and the main homepage will be opened, and click on the profile icon from the side button and visit there.

5) Next, complete your account profile by tapping to enter information like first name, last name, email ID, and gender.

6) On this page, you must add any vehicles, so you will receive your 1st bonus and click the above Quiz button.

7) The quiz page will be visible, and scroll down the page to tap on the banner to Play & Win Quiz.

8) On the next page, there are a few questions where you have to give answers to every question.

9) When you finish the quiz, in the end, you will get your fueling rewards, and they will be added to your account.


Play the quiz every time on the Park+ platform & get the fuel rewards hassle-free.

How much fuel did you get from the Park+ after giving answers?

Tell us the reward amount in the below section, and check out all these free recharge offers.

Park+ Quiz Answers FAQs:

Is Park+ real platform?

Park+ is a real platform and where the users can use it anytime to earn rewards.

Does Park+ gives you Rewards?

Park+ provides you online rewards, when you complete any quiz contests.

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