Paytm Bhim UPI Offer – Create UPI Address To Get Rs 50 Cashback

Paytm Bhim UPI Offer – Create UPI Address To Get Rs 50 Cashback, From The Last Few Days Paytm is Testing Paytm Payments Bank And Its BHIM UPI On Their Android And IOS (Coming Soon For IOS Users) mobile Applications.

This Feature Is available For few Paytm App Beta Testers. BHIM UPI (Unified Payment Interface) is a mobile payment mode that enables you to make instant money transfers directly between two bank accounts.

Additionally, you can also make payments merchants who accept BHIM UPI as a payment mode for transactions.

You can Also send money through Aadhar Number All You need To enter beneficiary’s Aadhaar number and optionally bank name.

UPI ID (also called Virtual Payment Address or VPA) is a unique ID you need to create in order to send and accept money via UPI. Once a UPI address is created and mapped to your existing bank account.

In India, All Banks Already Launched This Feature About 6 Months Ago, Some of the banks and this feature in their old mobile apps and some banks made separate UPI Applications

In Paytm Payments Bank If You Reached a Threshold of Rs 1 Lakh Then it will convert In a Fixed Deposit.

Once the payer enters your UPI address and sends the money, it will be directly credited to your Paytm Payments Bank Account or In Your bank account.

The mobile number registered with your existing bank account and Paytm should match to create a Paytm BHIM UPI ID.

Now Paytm is offering Rs 10 Cashback if you send money 5 Times a day To Any Other User Then You will get Rs 10 Cashback, With This Paytm Inbuilt UPI Feature You can transfer up to Rs. 1 Lakh per day using BHIM UPI, as per the government regulation.

All Paytm BHIM UPI transactions are available in the Paytm Passbook.

There is no limit on the number of bank accounts that you can add to your Paytm BHIM UPI ID. How to Avail Paytm Bhim UPI Offer? How to Get Rs 25 Cashback using Paytm Bhim UPI Offer? Read Below Given terms And Conditions Of This Offer

Paytm Bhim upi Offer

Paytm Bhim UPI Offer :

Get Rs. 50 Cashback On First UPI transactions –

  • Create a new UPI address with Paytm, do your 1st transaction on the same day and get Rs.50 cash back in your Paytm Wallet
  • You have to complete the first transaction by sending money to any of your friend’s UPI address to get Rs.50 cashback
  • Minimum transaction amount has to be Rs.50 for sending money. Transaction and UPI address should be created on the same day
  • Offer is valid until 3rd January 2018
  • Offer starts at 1 pm on 13th December.Offer is valid until 3rd January 2018.
  • Offer valid on creation of first UPI address only

Create UPI Address And Get Rs 50 Paytm Cash –

  • Create a new UPI address with Paytm and get Rs.50 cash back in your Paytm Wallet
  • Bank account has to be successfully linked to being eligible for this offer
  • Offer starts at 5 pm on 8th December.
  • Offer valid on creation of first UPI address only

 Get Rs 10 Cashback when you send minimum Rs 50 –

  • This offer is valid from 13th Dec at 12:00 PM and concludes on 16th Dec 11:59 PM
  • Get Rs.10 cash back when you send money through your Paytm UPI address to your friends UPI
  • Minimum transaction size has to be Rs.50
  • You can get cash back up to 10 times. You can earn unto Rs.100 total cashback if you complete 10 send money transaction.
  • So if you do 10 transactions worth Rs.50 each, you will get Rs.10 cashback ten times
  • There is no promo code required.
  • Offer is valid until 16th December 2018
  • Just complete your transaction using Paytm UPI to be eligible

Get Rs. 30 cashback On Rs 30 Payment Through Paytm UPI address

  • Get Rs 30 cashback when you make a payment on Paytm through your Paytm UPI address
  • Minimum transaction size is Rs. 30
  • Offer applicable on payments made on the Paytm app and website.
  • Example – Purchasing an item from Paytm Marketplace, purchasing deals, recharges, Paying your utility bills, booking flight tickets etc.
  • Offer not applicable if you add money to wallet or savings account, send money to friends, scan QR code and pay through upi on any Paytm accepting merchants.
  • The Offer not applicable on payments made on third party platforms using paytm upi address.
  • Offer is valid till 31st March, 2018.

How To Send Money & Get Rs 10 Cashback :

  1. Firstly Download Paytm App
  2. Install And Open The App.
  3. Login or Create a New Account.
  4. Now Create A BHIM UPI ID Using Given Steps.
  5. Now Send Rs 10 or More 5 Times a Day Through BHIM UPI.
  6. You will Get Rs 10 Cashback In Few Minutes.
  7. That’s it!! You have Successfully Availed Paytm Bhim UPI Offer.
Some Frequently Asked Question For Paytm BHIM UPI Offer – 

How To Create Paytm Bhim UPI Address –

  • In Paytm Mobile App To create Paytm BHIM UPI ID, you can go to the BHIM UPI section on the Paytm app home screen.
  • These IDs will be your registered mobile number. For example, if a Paytm user’s registered mobile number is 86020***55, the UPI ID will be generated as 86020***55@paytm.
  • If You want to Set a Custom UPI id Instead Of Using Mobile Number then you can create it.

Can I link the UPI ID created on Paytm with multiple bank accounts?

  • You can indeed link your Paytm BHIM UPI ID with multiple bank accounts. However, you will have to set a primary bank account to start sending and receiving money. For Example Use One Paytm Saving Bank Account and Another Your Primary Bank Account.
  • You can change your primary bank account as and when required.

Is it mandatory to open a Paytm Payments Bank account to create a Paytm BHIM UPI ID?

  • It is not mandatory to create a Paytm Payments Bank account to create a Paytm BHIM UPI ID. You can Continue Your Transaction With Your Primary Bank Account
  • However, you can earn up to 4% annualized interest on money stored in your Paytm Payments Bank account, which can go up to 7% in combination with financial services.

What are the charges for transferring money using BHIM UPI?

  • There are no Hidden charges for transferring money using BHIM UPI.
  • Now Paytm become convenient, Hassle Free All in one Solution For Transferring Money.

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