Paytm Loot Offers: Get Up to Rs 60 Cashback

Paytm Loot Offers: In this post, I am going to tell you about a new Paytm Loot offer.

After using this offer, you will get the below-given profits:

  • Cashback on completing transaction.
  • Money in your Payments bank.
  • Free cashback on deposits.
  • And much more.

In fact:

Earlier, I have got Rs 100 Instant Paytm wallet cashback.

Paytm Rs 100 Cashback

Do you want to gain some profit from this Paytm loot offer?

Then let’s jump right in!

Do you want to earn some money from Paytm for free?

If you are here to earn money from Paytm, you are landed on the right page.

Now Paytm has come up with an offer to get cashback.

Moreover, this offer is valid for a limited period and valid for both KYC users and NON-KYC users. You have to pay the total amount to get a Rs 30 free Paytm cashback.

Apart from that, the Paytm users can also take an advantages on DTH recharges, movie tickets, ordering foods, invest in mutual funds or stocks.

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Are you excited to know more about this Paytm loot offer?

So check them out and earn some money for free.

Paytm Loot

Paytm Loot Offers Terms:

1. Get Instant Up to Rs 60 Cashback

1) Open this Paytm Loot to go to the offer page and it will opened only in Mobile screen.

2) So, the sample page will opened and there you need to fill the details.

3) Your name, email address, number, and Paytm registered number, and more.

4) Give a few answer and add the Sprite code (mentioned inside bottle) and complete your transaction.

Paytm Cashback Reward

5) So, you will receive your cashback reward in your Paytm registered mobile number.

2. Get Up to Rs 40 Paytm Cashback 

1) There is no coupon code required to avail the cashback.

2) This promotional offer is applicable only for the Indian customers and they can get it

3) Customer needs to make a purchase of the eating product items like Penne Pasta, Chocolates, and more products.

4) Redeem your Paytm cashback from the given pack and go to the TheOfferClub page to redeem voucher code.

5) Fill in the information and redeem your entire money.

3. Get Rs 40 Cashback on Rs 40 Deposits

1) Apply this coupon code: ADD40

2) When the user makes an online digital payment of Rs 40 for adding money, they will get a cashback of Rs 40.

3) Users can use this offer once during the offer period of 31st March 2023.

4) Entire reward cashback of Rs 40 will be a credit to the Paytm wallet in a few days.

5) Offer is applicable for specific users, and only Paytm users can avail of this offer.

6) Also, these Paytm Loot offers are user-specific, and users can avail of this reward anytime before it expires.

How to Use this Paytm Loot Offers:

1) Firstly, download the Paytm app or use the offer link given in the terms.

2) Now install the app on your smartphone and then open the app.

3) Now, If you already have the Paytm app installed on your phone, then update the app.

4) Then signup using your mobile number, email, and password on the Paytm app.

5) Then verify your Paytm registered mobile number with a one-time password.

6) Complete your KYC and verify your email address (ignore this step if already done).

7) Now that your account has been created successfully> next, do a transaction of deposit money of Rs 30.

8) Now apply this promo code: ADD40

9) After recharging, you will get a scratch card with a cashback reward from Paytm.

Old Paytm Loot Offers:

1. Get Free Paytm Cashback on Survey

1) The users have to visit the Royal Stag offer page from the given link to receive offer benefits.

2) The participator age is must be more than 18 and should be Indian citizens.

3) Users will receive a Paytm cashback after answering all given questions.

4) If users give any wrong question, then the will not get any cashback reward of Paytm.

5) This offer is applicable is not runs for long period and applicable for once per user.

2. Get Free E-Parenting book & Recharge Voucher

1) The users have to go to the BournVita offer page from the given link for freebies.

2) More than 18 age peoples and Indian citizens can participate in this loot offer.

3) Users can join this offer for once and valid till the expiration date.

4) From this loot offer, users will get free r-parenting book and voucher for recharge.

5) This offer is applicable, if users fill the form and start chatting with them.

3. Submit Form & Win Rs 150 Paytm Cash

1) To earn cashback, the user has to fill a form to earn Paytm cash.

2) Open the Amstel offer link to start a survey.

3) Now, put all the authentic details and submit these details to earn a reward.

4) After that, your cashback will credit to the Paytm wallet within seven days.

More Paytm Loot Offers:

1. Submit Review & Win Rs 150 Paytm Cash

1) To be eligible for the cashback, the user has to review their locality/society.

2) This is from 99acres, and the Paytm cash might be received from the same brand.

3) Only authentic reviews are eligible for the Rs 150 Paytm cash reward.

Paytm 99acres Loot

4) User can review their society from this 99acres link.

5) The cashback will be credited to your Paytm wallet within seven days.

2. Fill Form & Get Up to Rs 100 Cash

1) First, go to the Colgate website from the given link.

2) Then, fill out the given form and submit your details to earn up to 100 Paytm cash.

3) Contestants age must be more than 18 years to get cashback.

4) Also, the users have to add the correct details to the given team members.

3. Get a Free Paytm Soundbox of Rs 299

1) To be eligible for a free product, the user must complete their payment.

2) Minimum transaction amount is Rs 299 to earn cashback.

product (1)

3) After completing the transaction, cashback will credit to the user’s account.

4) Users will get the free product within a few days.

5) The cashback will be credited to your Paytm wallet within seven days.

Old Paytm Loot Offers:

1. Give Missed Call & Get Rs 20 Paytm Cash

1) Firstly, call on this number: 7428148148

2) Then, your call will be automatically disconnected within a few seconds.

3) Now, you will receive a call back to your mobile number.

4) Press the 1, then 4, then 1 number, and confirm.

5) Now, put this retailer code: 94889

5) Then, you will be rewarded with Rs 10 Paytm wallet cash.

6) Also, You may get recharged instead of Paytm cashback on your number.

7) Make sure to make a call from your Paytm registered number.

8) Each user can try this offer two times per Paytm number.

2. Scan QR Code and Get Rs 20 Paytm Cash

1) Firstly, scan the Tops pack QR code below and get Rs 20 cashback.

2) Secondly, users will get Rs 20 cashback when they do a minimum gas booking transaction of Rs 48.

Paytm Tops Pack QR Code

3) Also, users will get the same amount of cashback on Rs 199 or more recharge.

4) This offer can be used twice during the offer period.

5) Lastly, the QR code is valid till 15 May 2021.

3. Scan QR Code & Win Up to Rs 100 Cashback

1) Users will get Up to Rs 100 cashback on scanning below the given QR code.

2) The QR code belongs to Britannia and is valid for all users.

Britannia QR code

3) Cashback of up to Rs 100 will be credited to the users Paytm account within 24 hours.

4) Also, one user can use this offer twice in a offer campaign.

5) Users have to do a Money transfer or a prepaid recharge of Rs 48 to receive the cashback.

4. Add Rs 1 & Get Up to Rs 555 Cashback

1) This offer is only valid for users who have a Visa credit or debit card.

2) Also, The offer is valid until 30 September 2020.

3) This offer is valid on the first successful transaction on the Paytm app.

4) Also, this offer is applicable only for android devices.

5) This offer is not valid on transactions made on Paytm mall.

Other Paytm Loot Offers:

1. Send Rs 50 & Get Up to Rs 50 Cashback

1) Firstly, there is no coupon code required to avail of this offer.

2) Secondly, users will get up to Rs 50 cashback on sending Rs 50 Via UPI.

3) Also, users can send money to any bank account to grab cashback.

4) Cashback will be credited in the Paytm wallet instantly

5) And this is a user-specific offer from Paytm.

2. Loot Rs 10 Free Paytm Cash Instantly

1) Firstly, Send this code “PV AAEEE on this number: 9606076433


3) You can use any of the above codes.

4) Also, you will get Rs 10 Paytm cash in your Paytm wallet.

5) Send these codes from your Paytm registered mobile number.

More Paytm Loot Offers:

1. Get Rs 35 Cashback on Rs 35 Recharge

1) Firstly, use this coupon code: FREE35

2) Then, get Rs 35 cashback on Rs 35 recharge.

3) This is an account-specific offer.

4) Cashback will be a credit to your Paytm wallet.

5) Offer is valid only for a few users.

2. Get Rs 40 Paytm Cash Absolutely Free

1) Firstly, give a missed call on 9667850851,

2) Then, you will get a return call.

3) Now enter 1 > then enter 2 > then enter 1.

4) Then enter referral code: 30965910

5) Now, you will get Rs 10 in your Paytm wallet.

6) Now refer your three friends and earn more Paytm cash of Rs 30.

7) After that, You will receive your Refer code within a few hours.

8) Now, you can use this Paytm cashback anywhere and for any transaction.

Expire Paytm Loot Offers:

1. Get 100% Cashback on Recharge Up to Rs 30

1) Firstly, Use code: THIRTY & GET10

2) Secondly, Get this 100% Cashback on recharge Up to Rs 30.

3) Also, get 100% Cashback on Recharge Up to Rs 10 and no Minimum transaction requires.

5) Promo code can be used only once per user and once per number.

2. Get Flat Rs 50 Cashback on Gift Voucher

1) The users will get Rs 50 cashback if they buy a gift card from Paytm.

2) Minimum transaction value is Rs 2100 or more to earn cashback.

3) Also, the cashback will credit to the user’s account.

4) This offer is available once and end on 22 August 2021.

5) Lastly, the cashback will credit the user’s Paytm wallet within seven working days.


I hope you enjoy this offer Paytm loot offer posts.

Did you get the cashback after recharge?

Shoot your comment below. Also, check some free recharge offers for recharge.

Paytm Loot Offers FAQs:

How to loot Paytm?

I have mentioned some offers, tricks, and tips to loot Paytm. Moreover, Use these methods which are given in this post to loot Paytm.

What is Paytm loot?

Paytm Loot is some offers, through which you can grab some cashback or free wallet money in your Paytm Wallet.

How can I get free Paytm cash?

There are a lot of apps available on the Google play store which are offering free Paytm cash, Download those apps or use offers given in this post to earn free Paytm cash.

What is Paytm loot offer?

Paytm Loot offers are some tricks and tips through which you can earn Paytm wallet cash for free.

How can I add free money in Paytm?

To add money in Paytm, download the Paytm app and then go to to add money section. After that, enter the add money amount and enter your free unique voucher code to add free money in Paytm.

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