Paytm Rasna Offer: Get 100% Cashback on Scanning QR

Paytm Rasna Offer: I am exploring a new Rasna offer with the Paytm platform.

Grew up yourself after joining this offer and earn real rewards:

  • Cashback on scan QR code.
  • 100% Cashback on Paytm.
  • Paytm cashback to the wallet.
  • And more rewards.

To be sure:

I earned the real Paytm cashback reward directly to my wallet when I availed myself of this offer.

Paytm Rasna cashback

Which Flavour Rasna do you like to drink? Send the name in the comment box and go down to take this offer.

Now dive straight into this Paytm offer!

Paytm is a fantastic digital company that provides online payment services and various cashback offers. Additionally, it provides coupons and vouchers for its users.

It allows offers with the merchants like cornetto, munch, Rasna, and many more. Currently, Paytm has come with the Rasna brand, and every customer can avail of it.

Apart from that, Paytm provides other services like payments bank, stock Investments, insurance, loan, and so on.

However, if you do not know about the above services, you can check them from other posts or explore the Paytm app.

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Do you want to follow the offer terms below? So you need to jump directly from here to the offer terms.

Paytm Rasna Offers

Paytm Rasna Offer Terms:

1. Get 100% Cashback on Scan the QR Code

1) No unique coupon promo code is required for this benefits offer.

2) Users will earn 100% cashback from Paytm after scanning the Rasna packet’s QR code.

3) Paytm needs KYC verification, and the cashback will credit to the app wallet within a few minutes.

4) This Paytm Rasna Offer is applicable to all Paytm customers and valid until it expires.

5) A user can earn cashback many times if the offer applies to the user’s account.

6) This offer will end on 31st March 2023 and never be extended.

How to Avail Paytm Rasna Offer:

1) Firstly, visit the nearby physical store or purchase it online.

2) But check the product online, whether it is available or not, and then purchase it.

3) You can buy the Rasna product from a physical store and asks the retailer for the Rasna product items.

4) Then pay an amount, bring it to your home, and then open your mobile phone to download the Paytm app.

5) If you have the Paytm app, then log in with the existing account or log in with a new mobile number.

6) Your account has been opened successfully, and then visit the Paytm homepage to explore all the features.

7) After that, check the Rasna item with a QR code label at the top of the product.

8) Now, open the Paytm app and find the scanner to scan the Rasna QR code when you successfully scan it.

9) Then, the cashback reward will be added to your Paytm wallet, and then open the account history to check the reward.

10) Now, you can use this cashback on any service or redeem it in a bank account without extra charges.


Check every information about this deal and receive a Paytm cashback reward.

How many times cashback did you earn on Paytm?

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Paytm Rasna Offer FAQs:

Can I earn real cashback on Paytm?

You can earn real cashback from the Paytm platform when you open an account and pay with Paytm on online services.

Does Paytm offering cashback?

Paytm is offering a cashback reward for new and existing customers and they can earn it.

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Rasna Paytm Cashback Offer 2022 !! Rasna Scan Play and Win Tablet & Other Exiting prizes...😎
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