Paytm UPI Offers – Get 10% Cashback Up to Rs 50 on 1st Payment

Paytm UPI Offers – Get 10% Cashback Up to Rs 50 on 1st Payment, UPI ID (also called Virtual Payment Address or VPA) is a unique ID you need to create in order to send and accept money via UPI. Once a UPI address is created and mapped to your existing bank account.

In India, All Banks Already Launched This Feature About 6 Months Ago, Some of the banks and this feature in their old mobile apps and some banks made separate UPI Applications.

In Paytm Payments Bank If You Reached a Threshold of Rs 1 Lakh Then it will convert In a Fixed Deposit.

Once the payer enters your UPI address and sends the money, it will be directly credited to your Paytm Payments Bank Account or In Your bank account.

The mobile number registered with your existing bank account and Paytm should match to create a Paytm BHIM UPI ID.

All Paytm BHIM UPI transactions are available in the Paytm Passbook.

There is no limit on the number of bank accounts that you can add to your Paytm BHIM UPI ID. How to Avail Paytm UPI Offers? How to Cashback using Paytm UPI Offers? Read Below Given terms And Conditions Of This Offer.

Paytm UPI Offers


Paytm UPI Offers :

Get 10% Cashback Up to Rs 50 on First Payment –

1) Get an additional 10% cashback on your first payment using Paytm UPI. This cashback is over and above any promo code offer, you apply to the cart.

2) Cashback will be added to your wallet within 3 working days after your order is delivered. Maximum cash back per user – ₹50

3) This offer is valid for 1st payment using Paytm UPI address( “@paytm”). If you have already done a Payment/Money Transfer using Paytm UPI, you are not eligible for cashback.

4) Get your own UPI address by going to Paytm app and clicking on “UPI” or “Money Transfer” Icon from the blue ribbon on the home screen. Check detailed steps here.

5) This offer is valid till 12 PM on 31 st March 2019.

6) Get your KYC done to receive the cashback. Ignore if KYC already done.

7) In cases where Paytm is not able to credit cashback because wallet is not created or KYC is not completed, Goldback will be credited for the same amount.

8) This cashback offer is being extended by Paytm Payments Bank for using Paytm UPI on Marketplace run & operated by Paytm E-commerce Pvt. Ltd.

9) Paytm Payments Bank reserves the sole right to change offer terms at any time without any prior notice to users.

How To Transact with Paytm UPI :

1) Firstly Download Paytm App

2) Install And Open The App.

3) Login or Create a New Account.

4) Now Create A BHIM UPI ID Using Given Steps.

5) Now complete your Payment with Paytm UPI.

6) You will Get 10% up to Rs 50 Cashback In Few Minutes.

7) That’s it!! You have Successfully Availed Paytm UPI Offers.

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