Pi Network App: Get 25% Bonus on Referring | Invitation Code

Pi Network Invitation Code: Today I am going to tell a new digital currency earning app named Pi Network.

When you install this Pi Network app, then you will get the below benefits:

  • 25% bonus per refer.
  • 0.12π currency on signup.
  • Extra bonus on referring.
  • And much more.

In reality:

Right now, I have earned 1.2910 Currency by using the Pi Network app.

pi network proof

Do you want to get cryptocurrency from the Pi Network?

Let’s get started!

Pi Network is a new digital currency platform where the holders can buy and sell their own Pi currency at any time.

Pi does not allow to open the app all time, the user has to hit the lightning button prior to activate it. Once it will be activated the user has an option to either open or close the app.

Moreover, It is available in various languages and recently more than 175 countries use cryptocurrency all over the world.

And also it does not affect the phone’s performance, drain the battery, or using the network data.

To strong your network and to become an ambassador then distribute the Pi network widely through refer and earn.

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Are you ready to know more about the cryptocurrency and its service?

Then follow the below-given steps right now.

pi network invitation codes

Pi Network Invitation Code Terms:

1. Get 25% Bonus on Referring | Refer & Earn

1) The referrer will get 0.12π currency when he/she create a new successful account on their Pi network app.

2) If the referee will join a unique invitation code then the referrer will get a 25% bonus.

3) 1 pie currency is equal to 0.775 INR (Indian rupees). On redemption, it will automatically convert into Rupees.

4) The user can convert pie currency into any currency of his choice.

5) Once a user activates the currency then the price of crypto will be increasing every hour.

How to Get a 25% bonus on Referring:

1) Firstly visit the Pi Network website from the given link.

2) Secondly download the app from the Google play store.

3) Thirdly open the app and create a new successful account.

4) Now enter your mobile number (to receive a verification code ), password, verify your password, first name, last name, username, and invitation code.

5) Now use this Pi Network invitation code: shivshar213

pi network invite

6) After that you have successfully logged in and you are on the dashboard.

7) Now you can check your signup bonus from the Earn pi option which is given in the menu bar.

8) You can check the status of your currency from the top of the home page.

9) Now before redemption you have to update your profile from the menu bar.

10) Lastly you get your message of the successful transaction from the Pi network.

How to Share the Pi Network Invitation Code: 

1) Firstly open the Pi Network app on your smartphone.

2) To share the invitation code > click on the profile option from the top left side on the Pi Network.

3) Now click on the earning team option from the menu bar.

4) Now tap on the invite option to share your referral link with your friends.

In conclusion, I hope you know very well about your feature profits then push your sound in the note box.

Moreover, if you like this type of amazing post then share the Pi Network invitation code with your buddies.

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In this media, you will know how to get cryptocurrency from the Pi Network app.

Pi Network Invitation Code 2020
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