RummyPrime App: Get Up to Rs 500 on Invites | Referral Code

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RummyPrime Bonus

Are you an online gamer or an offline? If you want to play an online games, so you need to use this RummyPrime.

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RummyPrime is an online gaming platform where you can play cash Rummy games and win real money from your competitors.

Choose the different pools: 101 pool, 61 pool, and 201 pool, or wait for the free tournament game, which will be held on every Sunday.

On the other hand, if the players want to get referral rewards from this platform, they need to get the rewards.

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Get the playing steps of this RummyPrime and follow the process to play & win.

   RummyPrime Referral Code

RummyPrime Refer and Earn Terms:

1. Get Up to Rs 500 on Invites | Referral Code

1) The players will get the signup rewards of free gaming practice chips from this RummyPrime platform after a new registration.

2) Verification is mandatory with government-issued documents like the Aadhar card or PAN card and add bank accounts.

RummyPrime Games

3) The referrer will also receive a cash reward of up to Rs 500 which they can use on playing games as an entry fee.

4) The referral amount is non-redeemable, and the only winning money is 100% withdrawable, and prohibited users are not applicable.

5) It deducts some TDS amount on redeeming money from this RummyPrime.

RummyPrime Referral Code Overview:

Refer and Earn AppRummyPrime
RummyPrime Referral code7R8V71
App LinkRummyPrime
Sign up BonusPractice Chips
Referral BonusUp to Rs 500

How to Get Signup Bonus:

1) Visit the online RummyPrime gaming webpage from given here, and you will land on the proper official page.

2) Then, look at the online page and which has no login form, so find the app download link and scan the QR code.

3) On scanning the code, you will get the downloaded link, so install the app on your mobile device.

4) After that, open the signup form and fill in the registration details like your name, email ID, number, and password.

5) Also, apply this RummyPrime referral code: 7R8V71

Rummy Prime Codepng

6) After using the code successfully, send the information to the team, and you can get access to the gaming players.

7) Your account is activated the practice chips are added, so there, you need to deposit some amount or add money from a bank.

8) Add minimum value to the wallets > check the running games with the entry fees and start playing the games.

9) Afterward, proceed to play an online game and win real cash or money.

How to Share the RummyPrime Referral Code:

1) Open an existing RummyPrime app on your device & sign in with old accounts.

2) After choosing the below referrals tab, move to the refer and earn page.

3) On visiting there, you will find both the RummyPrime referral code and link, so copy it.

4) Share this link with friends via different social channels like Facebook, Telegram, or others.


Explore this RummyPrime gaming platform & find the different entry games.

How much amount did you invest to play an online Rummy game?

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RummyPrime Referral Code FAQs:

Is RummyPrime a gaming platform?

Yes, the RummyPrime a rummy gaming platform, where you can play an online games.

Can I refer friends with the RummyPrime?

You can refer friends with the RummyPrime by generating a unique links or referral code.

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