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Samsung HDFC Offer: 5% Cashback with HDFC Card

Samsung HDFC Offer: Here, I will share every detail of the HDFC offer with the Samsung platform.

Use HDFC card on the Samsung for shopping and below profits:

  • Cashback on using HDFC card.
  • Up to Rs 12000 cash back with the card.
  • Save money on the tablets & mobiles.
  • And more profits.


I used the Kotak bank card a few days ago when I shopped for the tablet devices from the Samsung store.

But still, this offer is activated, and which I will used before it expires. Do you want to use join this offer!

Jump to the below offer section!

Samsung is the best and largest brand known for electronic appliances. It provides services globally in more than 75 countries, including India.

Today, billions of customers are using its product across the Indian nation because of its high-quality products and hi-tech services.

A few days back, I got a Samsung deal, and this deal is similar to each other, but HDFC is offering more cash back rewards.

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Head to the below given steps to follow them carefully. Also, read the FAQs section and watch the video.

Samsung HDFC Offer

Samsung HDFC Offer Terms:

1. Get 5% Cashback with HDFC Card

1) The customers can earn cashback from the Samsung platform after creating an account and online shopping.

2) Users will get up to Rs 12000, cashback after successful payments with the HDFC bank card.

3) No coupon or promo is available for this special Samsung offer.

4) Payment made with the HDFC bank credit cards and EASYEMI or credit card full swipe for the device.

5) This Samsung HDFC offer will end on 30th June 2024, and is valid once per customer.

How to Avail Samsung HDFC Offer:

1) First, click on the Samsung website from the available offer link on the given page or download the app.

2) After downloading the Samsung app from the page, download the app and open it for online registration.

3) Thirdly, tap on the profile icon and put your details, mobile number, or email address, or log in via your Samsung account.

4) Then, go to the homepage by tapping the button and search for the items with the same device name written above.

5) Now, click on the link above to visit the offer page directly and check the product or description to purchase.

6) After getting the product, click to attach it to the basket and then close this platform and hold your HDFC card for the payments

7) If you do not have this bank card, then take a card from your parents or friends for shopping.

8) Check the cart for products to customize it, and be ready for the payments to get your Samsung tablet.

9) Once you pay for this tablets, get a Rs 12,000 cashback reward.


When you go to the Samsung online store, then pay only with HDFC for cashback.

Which smartphone did you order under this HDFC offer from Samsung?

Click to share the name with us and check out all the free recharge offers.

Samsung HDFC Offer FAQs:

What is HDFC cashback offer?

HDFC cashback offer is provide you for the customers, so you can earn it anytime.

How much cashback can I earn on Samsung product?

You can earn more than Rs 1000 on using the Kotak bank card or HDFC bank card.

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