Slice Ajio Offer: Get Flat Rs 200 Discount on Rs 2000

Slice Ajio Offer: I will explore a new Ajio offer in front of you with this Slice brand.

After installing the Ajio platform and shopping any products with the below gains:

  • Cashback on online shopping.
  • 10% cashback on products.
  • Save on online items.
  • And more gains.

To be sure:

I have often used this Ajio platform for online shopping and earned rewards like discounts, coupons, or cashbacks.

What do you want from Ajio, either a discount or cashback? I think the cashback is a good choice so that you can earn cashback easily on Ajio.

Now, jump into this fantastic offer!

Ajio is the online shopping platform founded by Nair Vineeth, but the entire platform is under the CEO, Mukesh Ambani.

Since 2016, it has been operating its platform across the nation, where each customer can purchase any of the brand products at a good value.

Today, Ajio has a special deal with the Slice card for its customers.

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Are you crazy about this offer deal? To know about this Ajio offer, jump down and process all the below steps.

Slice Ajio Offer

Slice Ajio Offer Terms:

1. Get Flat Rs 200 Discount on Rs 2000

1) The customers can get flat Rs 200 discount from Ajio after doing a successful online shopping.

2) Offer has already commenced on 2nd September 2022, ending on 16th September 2022.

3) Flat Rs 200 discount will deduct to the user’s personal account of Ajio, and they can use it on their next purchases.

4) Make a transaction value of Rs 2000 with the Slice spark card after activating this card and no other payments are accepted for this offer.

5) No minimum transaction is discussed, but users can automatically know about the cashback offer during checkout.

6) Sparks are available once per customer account until it expires.

How to Avail Slice Ajio Offer:

1) First, you must visit the Ajio website by clicking on the given link or requesting the Google play store to install the App.

2) Now, open and download the Ajio app on your smartphone and create an account for online shopping.

3) Thirdly, tap on the button to open the form and quickly register your new account before other users register.

4) If you or a family members have an existing account on Ajio, then you can use this login information to log in with his permissions.

5) You must enter a valid phone number or email address for a new account opening.

6) Also, enable all the permission to access the Ajio better and then search any items from its product categories.

7) Now, get more information about a particular product item that you will purchase from Ajio and then add them to the cart.

9) Afterward, you need to activate the Slice card by installing its App on your smartphone and activating it by dragging or dropping the blank card.

10) Next, open the Ajio basket and fulfill your shipping details such as a home address, promo code, and more.

11) On the payment page, select only the Slice option to complete your order and receive cashback.


Activate the Slice card for instant discount or cashback.

Which type of Slice card do you have, either Spark or VISA?

Write the answer in the given comment box and tap on the free recharge offers link.

Slice Ajio Offer FAQs:

Which Slice Card can I use on Ajio?

You can use any Slice card on Ajio, but if the offer terms require spark, then you have to use only Slice spark card for the offer benefits.

Does Ajio accepts Slice payments?

Ajio accepts online Slice payments, either it will be done with the spark or VISA card.

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