Sololearn App: Get Free Bits Coins on Inviting | Refer And Earn

Sololearn Refer and Earn: I will describe a new coding learning platform named Sololearn.

Install and make a new account to receive the following rewards:

  • 10 Bits on new accounts.
  • Free 14-day trial or membership.
  • Refer and earn to get Bits coins.
  • And many more rewards.


I earned the Bits coin rewards from the Sololearn platform when I joined this platform & opened an account successfully.

Sololearn Bonus

Are you a programmer or excited to learn coding from this unique platform? If you say yes, then there is no chance to stop explaining this platform.

Now, start from here and move ahead!

Sololearn is the best learning platform, with many free programming courses like Python, C, C++, JavaScript, Java, JQuery, and more.

Here, the users can interact with several experts or other members and also this community provides a coding challenge.

A challenge will be established between you and another online member, and when they win, then Sololearn will provide the rewards.

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Do you want this app on your device? So start reading the following steps carefully.

  Sololearn Refer & Earn

Sololearn Refer and Earn Terms:

1. Get Free Bits Coins on Inviting | Referral Code

1) The new users will receive more than 10 Bits coin reward as a welcome bonus after joining it successfully.

2) If the referee gives the referrer a chance to earn free Bits coin, then the referrer will earn this reward on friends completing tasks.

3) Earned coins will credit to the user’s accounts, and these coins will be 100% redeemable.

4) Users can earn more Bits coins on the Sololearn platform by completing a lesson, code project, and refer more.

5) They can also get the Giveaway rewards from Sololearn when they successfully complete the coding levels.

Sololearn Refer and Earn Overview:

Refer and Earn AppSololearn
Sololearn Referral code57ou0vyi
App LinkSololearn
Sign up Bonus16 Bits Coins
Referral BonusBits Coins

How to Join the Signup Bonus:

1) First, tap on the given Sololearn referral link, which will load, then redirect you to the main homepage.

2) Alternatively, install the Sololearn app from the Android store, and the app will automatically be downloaded.

3) Next, choose the register button to open an account, so fill in all the valid credentials with the necessary information.

4) Put your email address, strong password, verification code, and referral code.

5) Apply this Sololearn referral code: 57ou0vyi (optional).

6) Above code is applied successfully, and confirm your details to log in and get the welcome bonus.

7) The wallet icon shows you the earning values, and click on the wallet tab to view your entire balance.

8) Next, move back to the dashboard and choose to learn tab > so start any of your coding lessons until the levels end.

9) When you learn to code with a particular language, it will issue a certificate for you.

How to Share the Sololearn Refer and Earn:

1) Click on the Sololearn app icon on your device, and the app will open.

2) So, tap on the above menu icon or three vertical dot icon > tap to open it.

Sololearn Invite

3) Next, you will see an invite friends section and press it to visit the referral page.

4) You will see the referral link, which contains a code, share it with your friends via social channels.


Avail the Sololearn referral program benefits.

How many Bits coins did you earn from Sololearn?

Keep commenting on your earning amounts and more about the free recharge offers.

Sololearn Refer and Earn FAQs:

Can I learn Free Coding on Sololearn?

Yes, you can learn free coding from the Sololearn platform after joining it.

Does it take charges for the Courses?

Sololearn takes charges from its customers for the paid courses.

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