Streads App: Earn 5 Coins on Referring | Referral Code

Streads Referral Code: In this referral post, I will introduce a new step tracker app named Streads.

Install the Streads app from the Google store and get all the below profits:

  • Five coins on inviting friends.
  • Free products like iPhone, earbuds.
  • Redeem coins into unique products.
  • And more profits.

In fact:

I have earned some coins on the Streads platform and redeem balanced into my wallet.

Streads coins

Do you want to earn expensive products for free from the Streads like Apple smartphone, Bluetooth, or more? If yes.

Then dive right into this Streads referral offer!

Streads is a new online platform in India, which provides free coin rewards to its customers when they join it.

On this platform, the users have to complete everyday tasks to earn coins. Also, the users can participate in any challenges organized by Streads.

Apart from that, Streads contains brands such as Oneplus, Apple, Harmonics, Hero, and many more. So customers can redeem all brand products like a cycle, Airpods, earphones, smartphones, etc.

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Are you excited to use this Streads platform for online products purchase?

Then read the terms and follow the Streads downloading app steps carefully.

streads referral code

Streads Referral Code Terms:

1. Earn 5 Coins on Referring Friends | Refer and Earn

1) The users can use the Streads service for free after successfully logging into this platform.

2) If Streads user shares their code with friends and friends use it during signup, then the referrer will earn five coins as a referral bonus.

3) 1 coin equivalent to Rs 1 cannot be redeemed into a bank account.

Streads rewards

4) The users can redeem their earnings into any products like Oneplus, Hero Sprint, Airpods, etc.

5) Streads reserves a right to change the referral terms at any time.

Streads Referral Code Overview:

Refer and Earn AppStreads
Streads Referral codeCY100
App LinkStreads
Referral BonusRs 5

How to Signup and Earn on Streads:

1) First of all, go to the online Google Store and type the Streads app to download it.

2) After that, tap on the signup button from the given page and enter either an email address or mobile number.

3) To complete the signup process, enter a verification code and click on the continue button to log into the Streads app.

4) Wait! You need to add more details like name, username, email address, weight, height, and referral code.

5) Apply this Streads referral code: CY100

6) When you enter all the details > then press the submit button to start its services.

7) Now, start using its service like run and track the footsteps.

8) After that, move to the challenges section from the given page (footer side).

9) Then, participate in any challenge and like chain and gladiator and win huge rewards.

How to Share the Streads Referral Code:

1) Go to the Streads app on your mobile phone and log in with existing account information.

2) After that, you will see various options and tap on the friend’s or invite & earn section.


3) Next, copy your Streads referral code by clicking on the clipboard.

4) Then, open your friend’s social channels and share the code or direct link with your friends.

5) When you successfully use it, then you will get five coins.


I think you have readed the above content properly.

Did you win any prize from Streads?

Comment your answer to my above question and check free recharge offers.

Streads Referral Code FAQs:

Does Streads provide Free Products?

Yes, users will get product for free from Streads platform.

Can we Redeem all Coins into Streads Products?

Yes, you can redeem all reward coins into Streads products.

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