Swiggy Quiz Answers: Exciting Rewards Coupon on Quiz Contest

Swiggy Quiz Answers: In this post, I will post the answers to the Swiggy quiz every day.

Register on the Swiggy with valid credentials and get the below benefits:

  • Rewards on winning the quiz.
  • Rs 100 coupons on every quiz.
  • Get rewards every day.
  • And more benefits.

In fact:

I have got a message of congratulation because I gave all the answers to the quiz and in a few days, I will receive my reward.


Do you want to get all the answers to win rewards from Swiggy? Comment your answer.

Now, let’s dive straight into this quiz post!

Swiggy has launched its quiz contest a few days through the Swiggy Instamart service, and participants can join anytime before it ends.

It provides coupons in the form of rewards, and every 1000 winners will receive this reward.

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Before starting the Swiggy Instamart quiz, read the below questions and answers. Also, read the below quiz terms.

Swiggy quiz answer

Swiggy Quiz Answers Terms:

1. Exciting Rewards Coupon on Quiz Contest

1) 1000 winners will receive a coupon worth Rs 100 from the Swiggy Instamart after winning the quiz.

2) This Swiggy Instamart quiz is available only on the Swiggy app, not a website, and the quiz has five questions each.

3) Swiggy posts a quiz every day and is updated at midnight.

4) Users have to give all the answers to each question to get a coupon reward, and users can play quiz contests every day.

5) After winning the quiz, the user’s rewards will be sent through the SMS or registered email address.

Swiggy Quiz Answers:

Q1) Which team has played the most IPL finals after Chennai?

Ans: Mumbai

Q2) In which season did Kohli score all his IPL centuries?

Ans: IPL 2016

Q3) Who was the first Indian batsman to score an IPL century in 2008?

Ans: Pandey

Q4) In how many balls did Mayank Agarwal hit the fastest century in IPL 2020?

Ans: 45

Q5) Which team won the Fair Play award in IPL 2017?

Ans: Gujarat

How to Avail Swiggy Quiz Answers:

1) Firstly, update your Swiggy app from the Google play store if you have one or download it from the Android store.

2) After that, you need to become a permanent member of the Swiggy firm to participate in a quiz

3) Now, type your phone number or register with an email address to create your account.

4) You have to complete your profile by filling in your name, city, state or set your GPS location to access the quiz.

5) After going to the homepage, select Swiggy Instamart, and you will land on the next page.

Swiggy quiz

6) Then, scroll down the page and see a banner of the IPL quiz contest > tap to open it and start this quiz.

7) Now, you are on the quiz page, and you need to give the answer to each question > next, match all the above solutions.

8) When you complete the quiz, press the submit button and receive a message of congratulations.

9) Wait for a few hrs to get a coupon reward from Swiggy.


However, use Swiggy and play everyday quizzes to win huge rewards.

Did you receive your coupon reward under this quiz contest?

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Swiggy Quiz Answers FAQs:

What will I get after winning the quiz?

Every winners will receive a coupon reward of Rs 100, but users have to give all the answers of questions.

Does Swiggy offers Quiz Contests?

Yes, Swiggy has launched a quiz on its platform, only registered users can join it.

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