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TextCortex Refer and Earn: I will tell you about the AI chat generator company named TextCortex.

Make the chat for free in the TextCortex and get free stuff:

  • Commission on referrals.
  • 30% commission on friends.
  • Redeem commission reward.
  • And more benefits.


When I joined TextCortex and generated the first time chat from the AI service, it was amazing.

Do you want to get the TextCortex for a free AI content generator? Have you heard any platform name? Comment us.

Now move straight to the program below!

TextCortex is similar to ChatGPT, and it is an AI service that generates the content on the user’s query requests.

TextCortex Product

Check out the products like Browser extensions, Mobile Apps, Integrations, TextCortex API, Zenobot, and Desktop App services.

Somewhere, TextCortex is good because it provides direct content services or templates which you can use it for the business.

Using it, you can highlight your text, browse AI prompt templates, and the start re(writing) the content.

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Check the instructions below about the TextCortex and terms is more helpful for the rewards.

  TextCortex Refer & Earn

TextCortex Refer and Earn Terms:

1. Earn 30% Commission on Friends | Referral Code

1) New customers can join the TextCortex platform, and they can get a free trial for a few days.

2) If the referee connects with the TextCortex for once with the friend’s link and completes the subscription, the referrer will receive a recurring commission.

3) Maximum commission reward is at 30%, and the fixed commission amount is applicable for one referrer.

4) The receivable reward will sent to the user’s web account, which is usable for the subscription via usable credits.

5) Amount is 100% usable and only the TextCortex have the rights & responsible for the referral program.

TextCortex Refer and Earn Overview:

Refer and Earn AppTextCortex
TextCortex Referral codekgf
App LinkTextCortex
Sign up BonusDiscount Code
Referral Bonus30% Commission

How to Join TextCortex:

1) First of all, go to the TextCortex webpage from the simple refer link and visit the genuine page properly.

2) Then, tap on the profile section from the above screen and choose to create an account for registration.

3) Next, continue with adding your old social accounts, such as Google, Discord, and Apple accounts, for sign-in.

4) If you have the new credentials, then continue with the strong email and the secure password to set up your account.

5) Use this TextCortex refer and earn code: KGF ( optional).

TextCortex Link

6) Afterward, the verification link will sent to your registered mailing address and visit the mailbox to check the link and verify.

7) Your TextCortex account is successfully activated, and you need to start your free trial service.

8) Another, you can buy subscription services and choose the plan to complete your plan active and generate free content.

9) Search for emails, blogs, or posts with this AI tool.

How to Share the TextCortex Refer and Earn:

1) Once the TextCortex account is opened, you can use it multiple times for refer.

2) So move to the dashboard section and search for the Referral section, then join it hassle-free.

3) The next referral page will appear, and you need to “Join the Program” for the unique link.

4) Get this link from the clipboard and bring your friends with this link.


Join TextCortex to generate free content and use it for the business.

How much commission did you get from the TextCortex account?

Write answers numerically and explore more this free recharge offers.

TextCortex Refer and Earn FAQs:

Is TextCortex AI platform?

Yes, the TextCortex is an AI platform, which provides you the services of providing the chat or generated content.

Can I invite with the TextCortex?

You can invite the friends with TextCortex once you get the unique referral link.

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TextCortex: Create Amazing Content with AI Content Writing Assistant
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