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Ugaoo Refer and Earn: This is the platform about the plant or seed shopping.

Join Ugaao and be ready for the exclusive benefits:

  • 500 coins on joining.
  • Rs 500 off coupons.
  • Save on product orders.
  • And get more.


I have got the reward coins from the Ugaoo in its wallet, when I join and open an account.

Ugaoo Reward

Do you want the seeds or plants from the Ugaoo company? You can quickly get it after becoming a customer.

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Ugaoo is one of India’s best online plant nurseries, offering customers to buy indoor plants or pots to make their personal gardens or use in the house.

Find the seeds: Vegetables, Flowers, Herb seeds, Flower bulbs, Fruit seeds, Tress & grass seeds, Seeds Kits, and much more.

Ugao Shop

Along with this, check the plants like Air purifying, Low maintenance, Flowering, Hanging, Low lights, Fruit plants, Fruit plants Bundles, and so on.

Apart from that, Ugaoo is running a referral program where you can refer many friends to win referral rewards.

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Check the instructions below, which are necessary to read about.

  Ugaoo Refer & Earn

Ugaoo Refer and Earn Terms:

Get 500 Coins on Signup | Referral Code

1) Each newly registered member will receive the Ugaoo coins from the company when they register or join.

2) If the referee joins with the given account & shops with some amount, then the referrer will get the referral rewards.

3) Rs 300 off coupon voucher will be sent to the referrer email address, which is 100% usable on the product purchase.

4) There is no minimum shopping value limit to shop & earn the welcome and referral rewards.

5) The Ugaoo refer and earn program runs for a limited time, but the Ugaoo can modify it anytime per the terms.

Ugaoo Refer and Earn Overview:

Refer and Earn AppUgaoo
Ugaoo Referral code21494sosoy
App LinkUgaoo
Sign up Bonus500 Coins
Referral BonusRs 300 Coupon

How to Get a Signup Bonus:

1) First, go to the Ugaoo shopping webpage from the given link, and you will land on the right page.

2) Then, choose the above account tab to make a personal account by adding the information right now.

3) So add your name with the last name, email ID, strong password, and phone number (if asked).

4) Use this Ugaoo refer and earn code: 21494sosoy (optional).

Ugaoo Link

5) Now, make your process again and check the homepage catalogs to view the product items and shop for any of them.

6) To make your unique garden, find the different plants or seeds in the given search bar and visit there.

7) Along with you can search for plant medicines to treat them well, and if you need the plant, then check them out.

8) Also, check the wallet tab to view your earned coins of Rs 500 and add the searchable product to the cart.

9) Now, make an order payment with the suitable gateway.

How to Share the Ugaoo Refer and Earn:

1) After going to the homepage, click on the coin tab from the header page.

2) Then, the popup window will be enabled on the screen, so you need to check the link from there.

3) Now, you will landed there and copy the generated link to share with your friends.

4) Use social channels to invite your friends via Facebook, Twitter, or more.


Activate Ugaoo & join this platform to shop & save their money.

Which plant seed did you buy from this Ugaoo company?

Tell with us the seed or plant name below and explore these free recharge offers.

Ugaoo Refer and Earn FAQs:

Is Ugaoo a plants-based company?

Yes, the Ugaoo is the plant-based company and where you can buy plant or seed items.

How I refer a friend with Ugaoo?

You can refer friends with the Ugaoo after generating a unique link.

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