Vodafone Loan Number: What is Vodafone Loan Code?

Vodafone Loan Number: In this article, I am going to tell you the Vodafone loan code number details,

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Vodafone is a telecommunications company headquartered in London, and it operates in various Asia, Africa and more. Two years before, Vodafone is merged with the Idea company and became a single entity currently known as Vodafone Idea Limited.

I know that you already know about the telecommunications company, but most of you don’t know about the merger. Am I right?

Like all the telecom companies, Vodafone also offers its customers emergency Talktime balance and Advanced emergency Internet data balance service. These kinds of services help the customer in bad times.

For example, if you talk to someone and during the call, your balance gets exhausted. Now, what you will do?

You will access the Internet to complete your recharge from websites like Paytm and Freecharge.

But what you will do if you don’t have access to the Internet? For sure, you will look for nearby retailer shops. Right?

You can use Vodafone emergency Talktime balance and emergency Internet data balance service in this situation.

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Now let me tell you the Loan code number to take emergency Talktime balance on your number.

Before using the code number on your smartphone, make sure to read the below-given Vodafone India terms and conditions.

Vodafone Loan Number

Vodafone Loan Terms:

1) The customer will be charged with Rs 2 during the recovery of the emergency Talktime balance.

2) The customer will be charged Rs 1 during the recovery of the emergency internet balance.

3) Customers can take a minimum emergency Talktime balance of Rs 5.

4) Customers can take a minimum emergency internet balance of 30MB.

5) The additional recovery charges will be deducted automatically, including the advance emergency balance.

6) Users should be more than 90 days old on the Vodafone network.

How to Get a Loan on Vodafone Number:

1. Method One: Loan Using USSD code

1) First of all, open your smartphone dialer app.

2) Now dial this USSD code *130*3*6# using the dialpad.

3) Now, click on the call button and wait for the popup.

4) Once the popup appears on your screen, select chota credit loan or Internet loan.

5) Now select any one option, and then you will get the Loan credit instantly on your Vodafone Mobile number.

2. Method Two: Loan Using SMS App

1) First of all, Open your SMS app on your smartphone.

2) Now compose an SMS and type any of the below text and then send it to 144

3) For Talktime loan: SMS “CREDIT” to 144

4) For Internet loan: SMS “ICREDIT” to 144.

5) Now, you will get a confirmation message from Vodafone about the same.


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