Wild Cash App: 5% Commission on Referrals | Refer and Earn

Wild Cash Refer and Earn: I will tell you about a new coin-earning app named Wild Cash.

Install and mine the currency to get these benefits:

  • Tokens on referrals.
  • 5% commission on friend earnings.
  • Redeem into a BUSD token.
  • And get more.


I got some token rewards into the app wallet after online registration.

Wild Cash Tokens

Do you want to earn new token currency from Wild Cash? If your excitement is too high.

Then move straight into the referral program!

Wild Cash is a new online platform that allows users to earn money by doing tasks like playing quizzes, online games, and more.

This platform helps the users to earn some money, and also, here, the users can get a unique token reward by converting it into currency.

If users already have a digital wallet, Binance, then they can redeem the amount directly into their wallet.

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Excited about the Wild Cash rewards? Then know the ways by following the steps.

 Wild Cash Refer and Earn

Wild Cash Refer and Earn Terms:

1. 5% Commission on Referrals | Referral Code

1) The new user will receive a new currency token to Wild Cash after opening a successful account.

2) When the referee joins with the given referral links, then the referrer will receive token rewards.

3) Users need a minimum of 8 lakh tokens to redeem from Wild Cash, which will be converted into BUSD.

4) Referrers will receive a 5% commission from the referee of their total earnings.

5) The Wild Cash referral program ran for a limited time, and earned rewards will be 100% redeemable.

Wild Cash Refer and Earn Overview:

Refer and Earn AppWild Cash
Wild Cash Referral code1ZkxjK
App LinkWild Cash
Sign up Bonus4000 tokens
Referral Bonus5% Commission

How to Earn Signup Rewards:

1) First of all, search for Wild Cash, and you will see a play store, so click on it.

2) After tapping on it, click to download the app on your mobile device and start logging into your account.

3) Then, press the Google account tab and register with an existing Google account.

4) Apply this Wild Cash referral code: 1ZkxjK (optional).

5) You will be logged in successfully and land on the homepage to start mining in the currency.

6) Now, you will get a welcome bonus, which will go to the app wallet, so check it on your app wallet by opening it.

7) Collect your daily check-in bonus rewards of 4000 tokens, which will go to your wallet.

8) Also, start playing the game of Training camp or playing a quiz and earn new token rewards.

9) Lastly, go to the wallet tab and click on withdraw button to redeem into the digital wallet.

How to Share the Wild Cash Refer and Earn:

1) Click on your smartphone’s Wild Cash app icon, and you will visit the app.

2) Then, several options will be visible on the home screen, and check the referral section.

3) After going to the referral page, scroll and tap on any social icon.

Wild Cash invite

4) The referral link will be generated and sent to the friend’s social page.

5) When a friend joins, then both will get the tokens.


Avail of the benefits of the Wild Cash referral program and get more benefits.

Do you want to earn a unique currency token from the Wild Cash platform?

Comment to us with your answer and open these free recharge offers.

Wild Cash Refer and Earn FAQs:

Is Wild Cash Trading app?

Wild Cash is not a trading app, but it provides the token or currency rewards.

How I get Refer Cash from Wild Cash?

You can get the referral cash from Wild Cash after inviting friends.

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