Yougov Survey India: Get Points Worth Rs 50 on Joining

Yougov Survey India: Here, I will discuss a new survey offer named Yougov.

Join the Yougov survey today and avail all the below benefits for free:

In fact:

I have earned 50 points from the Yougov online platform.

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Do you know about the Yougov platform? If you don’t know.

Then jump down to know about Yougov!

Yougov is an online global platform based on market research.

This platform has many earning opportunities to earn free Paytm cash every day, and it runs a survey on its platform. So the users can earn money quickly by completing the surveys.

Yougov is the biggest platform, and it spreads its network in popular countries like UK, France, Spain, Italy, Germany, Denmark, the United States, Sweden, India, and more.

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Are you excited to participate in the Yougov survey contest?

Then follow all the steps from the below-given headings.

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Yougov Survey India Terms:

1. Get Points Worth Rs 50 on Joining

1) When users joins the Yougov India platform with valid information and completes two short surveys, they will get 100 points.

2) To get the joining bonus, users must complete the survey and answer all the questions.

3) Points are not redeemable but 100% convertible; users can convert them into Paytm cash.

yougov paytm

4) Minimum converting point is 5000 points into Rs 3500 Paytm cash.

5) Without email verification, users cannot log in to the Yougov and use a verified email address.

6) Yougov allows the users to donate their earning money to the charity if they donate.

How to Avail Yougov Survey India:

1) Firstly, go to the Yougov website from the given link or browse with the name.

2) After that, tap on the signup | login button from the right top corner of the main page.

3) Now, type your email address and password (use auto-generated or manually).

4) Next, click on submit button to get a unique link to your email address.

5) Then go to the Gmail inbox page and open that unique link to complete the required details.

6) After tapping, you will redirect to the survey page, giving all the answers.

7) Like the name, number, DOB, gender, income, graduation, country, state, city, and more.

8) If you complete the first survey and give all the answers correctly, then you will get 50 points instantly.

9) After completing the first survey, you will redirect to the next survey > complete 2nd survey and earn the remaining 100 points.


Want to earn online cash for Paytm? Then join the Yougov Survey India platform.

How many points did you redeem till now into Paytm cash?

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Yougov Survey India FAQs:

What Happens When I Register to the YouGov Panel?

You will receive two short surveys on the registered email address, you have to complete surveys to earn points.

How Long is a Typical YouGov Survey?

Most of the surveys are short and take up to 7 minutes, but some take more time to complete the surveys.

How do I Redeem My Points For Cash?

You have to visit the wallet section and click on the Paytm option to redeem your points.

Where Can I See My Points?

After log in to the Yougov, you will see account button, click to open and check your reward points.

How do I Leave the YouGov Panel?

You can logout or visit the the Yougov unsubscribe page.

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