Zepto Cred Offer: Get Rs 25 Cashback on Grocery

Zepto Cred Offer: In this offer, I will tell you about the grocery order platform named Zepto & pay with Cred.

Join to save on grocery & get all benefits:

  • Rs 25 cashback on items.
  • Claim get coupons.
  • Save on order items.
  • And more benefits.


I have ordered the groceries in the Zepto company, where I can call many times.

Which platform do you use for the grocery order items? If you use any of them, like Swiggy or Zomato.

Then try this one and avail the rewards!

Zepto is an Indian online grocery company where customers can shop many items online from its stores or the digital market.

It sells most categories of items like Sweet Cravings, Meats, Fish and eggs, Cold drinks and juices, Packaged foods, Baby care, Pet care, Paan care, and home needs.

Along with this, Zepto provides you with several discount offer deals with several merchants, and Cred is one of them, where you need to use the Cred for the transactions.

Its digital payment service is open all the time, so the Cred members can use it and pay the grocery value to earn cashback.

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Check out the following ways to order groceries and gain the cashback rewards.

Zepto Cred Offer

Zepto Cred Offer Terms:

1. Get Rs 25 Cashback on Grocery

1) After completing the order, New customers or users will get an instant 50% back in the Zepto online grocery orders.

2) A minimum order value of Rs 299 or more will be issued to every customer to make a hassle-free purchase.

3) Maximum cashback allowed for one person is Rs 25 to Rs 500, and the offer is applicable once per user until the stock lasts.

4) Zepto have all the offer rights, so only the Zepto team will modify the offer terms, including the discount value.

5) Payment must be done with the Cred Pay to complete the grocery purchase, and it is not applicable twice.

6) The cashback amount will go to the user’s credit account within a few working days.

How to Avail Zepto Cred Offer:

1) First, go to the Zepto grocery page from this offer URL or download the free Android app.

2) Then, open this installed app on your device and sign in with the valid details or the social accounts.

3) Next, log in with an existing Google or Facebook account or add a phone number and verification code to sign in.

4) Complete your login verification & you can start using this account for online services or grocery orders.

5) After opening the Zepto accounts, it asks you to enable mobile GPS locations to easily access groceries.

6) Before finding the grocery, make a simple process of Cred activation and install the Cred app on your device.

7) In the Cred app, you must become a member and activate the Cred account by linking your bank and doing KYC.

8) Remember that the Cred account is linked to your bank, so you can add money from your bank & fill your wallet.

8) Now, return to the Zepto page to watch the grocery and select fresh fruits and vegetables to add to the cart.

9) Next, complete adding the shipping details to receive at your home and pay with the Cred gateway.

10) Cashback will be processed within a few hrs once the order will be successful.


Explore the grocery & product in the Zepto company & shop to get cashback.

Did you receive a 100% cashback amount in the Zepto grocery payments?

If you got the full amount, then share it with us and check more on the free recharge offers.

Zepto Cred Offer FAQs:

Is Zepto grocery company?

Yes, the Zepto is a grocery company, where you can order the fresh fruits & vegetables online.

Can I earn cashback on Zepto?

You can earn cashback on Zepto on paying online payments.

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