Zomato Loot Offer: Save Rs 150 + Get Rs 25

Zomato Loot Offer: In this offer post, I will cover some Zomato Loot offers and tricks.

When you use these loot offers, then you will below-mentioned benefits:

  • Huge discount on ordering food.
  • Up to Rs 175 savings.
  • 100% rebate for selected users.
  • And much more.

In fact:

At this time, this loot is best because you can save more on less amount of orders.

Zomato Cashback Offer

Do you also want to use the Zomato loot offers & tricks?

Let’s jump right in!

Zomato is India’s largest food-ordering website, with millions of customers. I hope you have already ordered some food from the Zomato app. Isn’t it?

The largest food delivery company is currently offering discounts on orders of a minimum spends, that is why this is loot deal.

However, most of the Zomato loot offers are valid for selected users, so make to try the offers very carefully. In this new offer, users will get a chance to get free food orders.

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Are you excited to order food at a low price? Then follow the below-given step right now!

Zomato Loot Offer

Zomato Loot Offer Terms:

1. Save Rs 150 + Get Rs 25

1) Firstly, use the coupon code: GETFLAT150

2) Users can save money of Rs 150 discounts and Rs 25 cashback on ordering the food items under this loot offer from Zomato.

3) The users have to join this offer deal to get instant discounts from a specific location.

4) Also, this loot offer is valid for a limited time and maximum usable thrice a day.

5) Total value item value is required of Rs 399 or more to avail of the discount + cashback, which are available for a short time.

6) Offer will end on 31st May 2024.

How to Avail Zomato Loot Offer:

1) Firstly, download the Zomato app from the Google Play Store.

2) Now, install the Zomato app on your smartphone and tap the app icon.

3) Register a new account by entering a mobile number, name, and email address.

4) Fourthly, you can use the Zomato referral code if asked.

5) Verify your mobile number and enable your GPS or location.

6) After that, move to the homepage and scroll down the page, and many banners will appear on your home screen.

7) Next, choose to open it and select a new restaurant and order food of any value.

8) Now add your delivery address and apply Zomato code: GETFLAT150

9) Afterward, select any payment method and complete your payment to get free orders.

Old Zomato Loot Offer:

1. Get a Discount of Rs 140 + Rs 60 Paytm Cash

1) Use code: HOMECOMING200

2) Users will get a Rs 140 discount instantly on orders and Rs 60 Paytm cash.

3) The coupon code will work only on online payments.

4) It is a user-specific coupon code and is valid in selected restaurants.

5) The user can use this coupon code is applicable seven times a week.

6) It is valid on orders of more than 199.

1. Get Rs 200 Food At Rs 0 Quickly

1) Users will get Rs 200 food at Rs 0 on the Zomato app.

2) This offer is valid only for Zomato’s new users.

3) Use coupon code: ZIMAAAA*******A1

Zomato Free Loot

4) Replace the last seven digits with any number or character to use the code.

5) Users will get Rs 200 cashback after using the promo code, which is 100% useable.

1. Get 60% Discount Up to Rs 120

1) Use this coupon code: CRICKET

2) Users will instantly get a 60% Off up to Rs 120 discount on orders worth Rs 159.

3) It is a users specific coupon code applicable to some restaurants.

4) Maximum discount is Rs 120 to avail of this offer benefits.

5) Users can make three daily transactions and five in 7 days.

1. Get Rs 200 Food at Rs 10 Only

1) Use code: WELCOME125

2) Minimum order amount is Rs 199 only.

3) This coupon code is valid only for new users.

4) Users will get a Rs 100 discount on applying the code.

5) This offer is valid only for making payments with Paytm.

More Zomato Loot Offer:

1. Get 50% OFF Up to Rs 150 on Order

1) Firstly, use code: GRAB

2) Users will get a 50% discount of up to Rs 150.

3) The coupon code is valid for selected Zomato users.

4) The coupon code is valid for selected restaurants.

5) Also, users will get a discount on checkout.

1. Get Rs 250 Food At Rs 100 Only

1) Firstly, use code: PUJA

2) Coupon code is valid only on selected restaurants.

3) Users will get 50% Off up to Rs 100 + 50% Zomato cashback Up to Rs 50.

4) The Zomato cashback will expire in 7 days.

5) Also, the maximum instant discount is Rs 100 only.

Other Zomato Loot Offers:

1. Get Rs 249 Food At Rs 49 Only

1) Firstly, use code: PTMWELCOME200

2) The minimum order amount is Rs 249.

3) The maximum discount is fixed at Rs 150.

4) Users will also get Rs 50 Cashback in their Paytm wallet.

5) Also, the Promo code is valid for Zomato’s new users only.

1. Get Rs 129 Food At Rs 29 Only

1) Use code: SNACKS

2) Users will get a Rs 100 discount instantly on orders.

3) The coupon code will work only on online payments.

4) This is a user-specific coupon code and is valid in selected restaurants.

5) The coupon code is applicable seven times a week.


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Zomato Loot Offer FAQs:

What is Zomato deal?

Zomato loot dealis a service where each customer will get several benefits like free orders, discounts, cashback, and more.

Is Zomato Loot free?

Zomato loot is not free, for avail the benefits, you have to pay some amount.

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